When you go to IKEA you have so many options to choose from, so we figure out you can choose an item according to your zodiac sign. That’s easier, right? So, let’s see what every sign will really want from this dreamy Scandinavian store:



Because this sign really loves collections and having a lot of hobbies he would need the perfect shelf unit for its dreamy home. So, This new Fjallbo piece will be perfect for an Aries.


A Taurus really loves comfort so this new IKEA armchair made of cushions will bring both style and comfort in a Taurus home. With it a Taurus can make the perfect relaxing corner he always wishes for.


Always inviting people over, Gemini’s will love this IKEA dinner table to create the perfect socializing area for their friends and family.


Passionate about beauty and always trying to be organized, Cancers will fell in love with this Brimnes dressing table for their bedroom or dressing space.


Big lovers of nature and exoticism, Leos will love the Jassa collection in their dreamy homes. This Jassa coffee table will fit great their living room or Moroccan inspired balcony.


Obsessed with space and with good organizing skill, Virgos will want the perfect and function closet for their home and this Pax item is our suggestions for them.


Being obsessed with beautiful and classy items, Libras will love eye catchy items such as these Stockholm 2017 bowls and plates they can use for their dreamy kitchens where they love tying out new recipes.


The bedroom is the favorite room of a Scorpio and this IKEA cabinet will fit perfectly a daring, red and mysterious bedroom like the one a Scorpio really loves.


Because Sagittarius really love nature they will want to make a forest or a small jungle in their own home. Therefore, this dreamy Askholmen terrace will fit perfectly their balcony and home.


Loving traditional pieces and neutral colors, a Capricorn will adore this Landskrona leather sofa for its dreamy living room.


An Aquarius really loves art, modernity and graphic items, that’s why this unique storage unit will fit perfectly the creative and artsy home of this sign.


Mystery lovers and always searching for a corner to hide, Pisces will love this new Ikea chair that can make their perfect relaxing space dreamier than ever.

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