I cannot believe that I missed one of these posts in January! I had to check my posts plan, and yes – it is there, but I actually didn’t make it.
So after a little, unplanned break, here we go again.
This is a lovely idea how to use big grannies and turn them into a cardigan. I love the whole piece, but the sleeves are gorgeous.

Kirsten has offered this mind blowing blanket pattern for free. What an amazing one it is!


Speaking of hexagons, this lovely bag happened in my feed. Such a great sight for sore eyes, and certainly a must have for the upcoming spring.

I haven’t mentioned before, but I tried my hand at C2C crochet. I just made a tiny piece just to see what it looks like, and let me tell you it looks like lots of fun. This particular blanket itches you to try it too, if you haven’t already.

 Enjoy your Sunday!


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