Welcome to the 5th pinning frenzy!
Pinning frenzy would be an understatement because I couldn’t get my hands on the computer this week, due to work related obligations, but these pins were frenziedly pinned at the time and would suffice mostly because they perfectly capture the world outside.
Although a person of color, I love grey very much. It goes along fabulously with my complexion and these two images above are just too cute for words.
My second color option for winter is mustard. It does give that satisfying pop of color and warmth to the greyness.

And here’s my true self again. Enjoying the burst of colors. Although to the shadiest part of the specter, but colorful enough.

All the respective links for these inspiring images can be found on my crochet and knitting boards. Some of these  are free so do check them out.