Do you follow Fustany’s Instagram account? Well, whatever the answer is, we wanted to share with you snippets of the best, most helpful, and interesting Instagram posts that were posted during this past week.

This week we shared some happy celebrity news, along with some great beauty and fashion trick to make things easier for you in 2021. Read on and see for yourself what happened on Fustany’s Instagram last week…

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1. How to wear a sweater like scarf

Fashion keeps on surprising us from time to time. Recently we’ve seen a lot of fashion stars sport their sweaters as scarves, by tying them around their neck. It looks cool and effortless. Check out these examples.

Friday Fashion Fits: How to Style Camel Boots for Chic Winter Outfit Ideas

2. Winter outfit ideas for the week

Are you bored of your the same outfits and looks? Check out these five looks we styled for you in one of latest reels for winter 2021 fashion.

How to Layer Hijab Winter Outfits Without It Looking Bulky

3. Winter loungewear trend

We cannot deny that home wear is taking over our everyday looks. We’re spending most of our time indoors and so we want to feel comfy but also look cute. Check out here some of the latest loungewear and home wear trends as seen on bloggers. 

4. Eyebrow hack for an even shape

If you struggle knowing how to draw on your eyebrows and where to begin the arch, these video shows you makeup hack that will help you out. 

12 Makeup Tips Every Teenager Would Want to Know and Products to Try

5. Leather pants outfit ideas

We think it’s time to take out the leather pants in your closet and put them on this winter. Watch with us some ideas for coordinating it in the pictures above …

6. Glowy shimmery nude makeup look

Neutral natural shades are popular makeup choice for many. This simple easy, but extremely flattering makeup tutorial is something you need to check out. 

7. Emma Stone is pregnant!

Everyone’s favorite, Emma Stone, is expecting her first baby. She’s in her final months of the pregnancy and we wish her a beautiful and safe delivery. 

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8. It’s time to learn how to do side braids

I used to think braids were quite complicated and difficult to learn. But after watching this video, I’m pretty sure I can do one easily!

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