What Fashion Girls Wear Instead of Skinny Jeans and Ankle Boots

We’re not going to lie to you: The whole tucking trousers into boots thing is laden with off-beat fashion references you may not be keen on. Swashbuckling pirates do it. Puss in Boots would be nothing without it. There’s plenty of said layering at any given Panto come Christmastime. But there are also some fantastic fashion moments that will counteract any naysaying out in the wider world.

Think of all the times Kate Moss has looked so rock ‘n’ roll over the years wearing knee-high boots pulled over ultra-skinny jeans, or the fact that right now there’s a stylist that everyone’s dying to work worth (that’s Ursina Gysi), and she barely steps out into the public domain without wearing her pants like this. One of our favourite bloggers, Evangelie of Style Heroine, has been wearing her ’80s-style formula below on repeat for some time now.

Style Notes: Trust Giorgia Tordini to already have the Saint Laurent boots. She’s worn them to modern perfection with her skinny black jeans and a tailored blazer. Copy and paste this immediately.
Style Notes: I’d never have thought of wearing cropped cowboy boots with tailored trousers tucked in, but the formula is happening all over Insta.
Style Notes: Just when you thought you’d found all of the ways to wear your utility boilersuit, along comes this inspired combination from Claire Beermann.
Style Notes: Perhaps one of the most daring versions we’ve seen to date, Darja Barannik took a bold step forward last week with python-print raspberry boots layered over wide-leg trousers in a matching hue.
Style Notes: Bettina references Elizabeth Swann in this Insta shot, and we can 100% see where she’s coming from. Look her up on Google.
Style Notes: Channel full Puss in Boots vibes with a cape to match. I’m game if you are.
Style Notes: For an ensemble that references the ’80s rather than the ’70s, opt for mid-calf boots and wear with leggings.
Style Notes: Feeling really cold? Then take Xiayan’s lead and wear OTKs over your trousers.
Style Notes: If you look at Hanna’s Instagram you’ll see a lot of this styling move. She’s a pro, and knows all too well that white boots and denim are the best of fashion friends.
Style Notes: Melody usually wear sneakers with her joggers, but here’s a great example of elevating something sporty with the addition of this styling hack.
Style Notes: Go, Mette! Double leather = double the fashun.
Style Notes: There’s an inherently bohemian lilt to add boot-trouser tucking, and influencers like Natalie bring that spirit even when the clothes are tailored.
Style Notes: Olivia is petite, and slim-fit boots actually help counterbalance the bigger proportions of her clothes here.
Style Notes: Add a pair of slick leather knee boots to leggings et voilá, a very smart way to do athleisure.
Style Notes: If Pernille is doing it, then you know it’s a big thing waiting to happen. Her pull-on boots and skinny jeans pairing has a modern Kate Moss vibe. Next up, our ultimate spring 2019 shopping list.