What interior design trends are you looking forward to in 2019? From area rugs to transitional mix and match design, these are some of the top trends to look ahead to in the coming year.

Blending Rustic

Blue farmhouse kitchen | NONAGON.style

Interior and furniture designer John Linden from Mirror Coop sees rustic, farmhouse-style design making more of an impact in 2019.


“As the economy slowly picks up steam, a lot of the older millennials are getting to the point where they’re able to buy homes of their own. And a lot of them are gravitating toward the handmade, Midwestern aesthetic,” suggests Linden.


“In my opinion, the rustic farmhouse aesthetic is to millennials what traditional design was for the Baby Boomers. It allows homeowners to build a cute, cozy home over time without having to buy all of their furniture at once (which, let’s face it, is pretty expensive).”

Mix n Match Transitional

Rustic beams with modern four poster bed | NONAGON.style

Transitional design is the name given to the mixing of traditional and contemporary, it’s the style that takes its favorite bits from history and doesn’t fit into one particular style or group. But more and more we can see that this is a popular choice, taking Scandinavian elements and blending them with more contoured textures, or repurposing furniture.


Kitchen designer Linda Fennessy from Kitchen Magic sees this style particularly in kitchens. When you’re fitting a kitchen, you are looking for the long term as they are harder to change than the living room furniture, so a transitional style lets you be more playful and classic by mixing and matching items. Fennessy suggests “simple white cabinet styles (like Shaker), topped with mixed styles for the rest of the decor.” If you want something with more texture, she recommends “farmhouse light fixtures, dramatic stone countertops and shabby chic, distressed plank flooring to create an eclectic design. This mixed styling is trending now and will continue into 2019 and beyond.”

Yay to Area Rugs

Modern bohemian living room with styles coffee table and coffee table books | NONAGON.style

We see no sign of this fun trend abating! Interior designer Beverly Solomon also sees area rugs trending into the next year. “Nothing beats a well chosen area rug of good design and quality to set the mood and tie decor together. We suggest getting the best quality that you can afford — Persian, Kilim, Navajo, art rugs — as these not only hold their value, but often increase in value over time. You also can, find some amazingly wonderful area rugs at various discount stores at prices that anyone can afford.”

Curves and Colors

Velvet furniture is a huge fave in 2019 design trends | NONAGON.style

Will mid-century modern’s sharp angles abate? Taking a bit of a backseat, prepare yourself for more curves from our furniture, suggests Emily McCrary-Ruiz-Esparza from House Method.


Accompanying them of course, you’ll find a collection of rich, indulgent colors. “Expect to find textiles in dark cerulean teals, Bordeaux, and spiced mustard yellows,” she says. Personally, we’re also partial to the rich jewel tones of bold indigo and emerald which haven’t yet faded from this year’s lookbook. Nightwatch green is tipped to be the color of 2019.

Big Leaves

Purifying the air one leaf at a time | NONAGON.style

Both for their clean air and Instagram styling qualities, plants have been in homes and #interiordesign feeds with gusto for the last few years. You’ll be hard pressed to find a hip coffee shop or happy home without one. As these plants begin to grow more, we’re expecting to see big and bold.

While many of these trends are fun and look great, don’t feel pressured to style your home a certain way just because it’s the fashion. It’s always best to pick high quality pieces that you consider useful or believe to be beautiful. This will help you to create a space for yourself that can stand the test of time.


So what do you think of these 2019 predictions? Leave your comments below! For more design ideas and inspiration, make sure you subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on Instagram!

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