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A working vineyard is a weekend retreat for a couple wanting a modern, low-maintanance home designed by Swatt Miers Architects in Windsor, Sonoma Country, California. Positioned on a gently sloping knoll, this 20-acre property features pinot noir vineyards. Integral to the design of the home was to create living spaces both indoors and out that will take full advantage of the privileged wine country site. The main concern for the homeowners was to maintain a sense of privacy since this is a working vineyard. The architects solution was to divide the driveway so that workers going to the barn would head away from the house. The second solution was to shape the house into the form of a “T”, which created two courtyards, one of which is a private entry courtyard. The other is a family area centered around a pool area. This side of the home is all glass, with floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that connects the interior spaces to an expansive swimming pool terrace with spectacular views out to the vineyards. The roof cantilevers over the main house and a glass enclosed guest house, allowing for a sun-covered outdoor kitchen and dining terrace and swimming pool.

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What We Love: This is a fabulous weekend getaway home to enjoy the natural beauty of your surroundings. The indoor-outdoor living connection was designed to perfection… and lastly, there seems to be something magical about living on a vineyard. What do you think? Would you enjoy living on a vineyard?

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A sliding door system stacks up and disappears into the wall, opening a whole section of the dwelling up to the pool terrace. A double height ceiling creates a feeling of spaciousness and elegance.

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A bridge connects the master bedroom to the children’s bedrooms and an upper level family room, which is becoming more of a trend.

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Natural light illuminates the master bathroom from the skylight above, offering more of a feeling of being outside. This also affords more privacy than having a window next to the bathtub.

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The guest quarters offers spectacular views of the vineyard beyond. There are window shades concealed in the ceiling that offers privacy in the evening.

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The homeowners requested that the exterior of the dwelling be white and this would extend into the interiors with the flooring. The exterior of the structure is clad in a white stone called St. Tropez, which makes the home very bright and reflective.

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Photos: © Russell Abraham

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