When it comes to weddings, we believe that till now men have had lesser attention than they deserve. While men seem to be okay with this and acknowledge the fact that women have a starring role to play in a wedding, we think the time has come to give men their due. That is why, today the discussion is going to be focused on wedding styles for men. This way men get to focus on more than just the cute 50th anniversary quotes they are going to use to celebrate their future anniversaries. The bride no doubt will be the cynosure of all male eyes and some of the female eyes too but the groom also gets a lot of attention though many may deny this aspect.

That is why romantic lighting ideas for weddings focus not only on the woman but also on the man. After all, the wedding and then the marriage is about both the bride and the groom. That is why while you are working on those groom wedding speech examples, do take a good look at wedding hairstyles for men.

Here are some of the Best Wedding Hairstyles For Men

1. Sharp and short with a smartly trimmed beard is the way to go if you have a nice sharp jawline and cheekbones.

2. The little boy lost with his hair combed up and away from the face is the way to go if you want to play up that little boy charm.

3. The bad boy being brought under the bonds of matrimony is what you will portray if comb your hair up in a seemingly casual way and leave more than a hint of stubble in your beard and mustache area.

4. Longish hair combed back to play up your lovely smile along with the light stubble all the way is sure to draw people’s attention to your naughty eyes.

5. Reminiscent of George Michael and his swept back long hair that lovely stubble to give a romantic look is a good way to go.

6. Stern but with a straightforward look is what this hairstyle portrays and this will work well with your wedding attire.

7. Lean and long is a great is the look you will project though your hair is not long and neither is your stubble.

8. Not really scared of those white hairs that seem to have popped up and the bold look is accentuated with longer hair combed up in the middle and the shorter hair on the sides.

9. Short and structured stubble along with short sides and longer hair in side part swept to the sides looks both casual and businesslike at the same time.

10. Simple hair combed back lightly with an application of gel and a bit of stubble to make the whole look age-appropriate.

11. The salt and pepper look with a simple hairstyle and a beard that seems to have gotten its own way seems to work very well only if you have a grin to match it.

12. The stubble seems to be a big part of the way men do their hair nowadays even as they seem to be careful about the way they comb and set the hair.

13. Clean shaven and hair that is combed back can work very well if you have clean cut features and smooth skin.

14. Slightly longer hair combed back along with a hint of stubbles is a great way to bring the focus on to your intense gaze.

15. Side parted hair with a fully shaven look is a great way to go.

16. It takes a lot of guts to let your salt and pepper grow long and wear it with a lot of stubble.

17. Hair gelled lightly to look spiky with a hint of a bit of light stubble is a great way to make your face look good.

18. Lightly streaked and highlighted hair along with stubble is a great look for a man when he is making a commitment to his woman.

19. Dark hair styled with pointy spikes will bring that smile into center focus and make you look adorable.

20. Straight hair cut and styled a bit longer but not too much so with a bit of stubble will make people compare you to Tom Cruise.

21. Asymmetrically combed hair along with some well-trained stubble is a good touch for your wedding day.

22. Businesslike hair and trim beard shaped well is a great look along with your tuxedo.

23. What is wrong with unapologetically long hair that is combed on to the sides along with some artistic stumble can be a great way to go.

24. Slightly longer hair combed forward with barely there stubble is a good way to go with if you have dark hair and nice features.

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