Wedding is the best occasion to dress up beautifully as you can imagine it. Wedding dresses spring-summer 2019 submitted as part of Bridal Fashion Week is a feast of lightness and beauty, materialized in the dreamy, decorated lines. The most simple style and minimalistic design, the luxurious finish and ornate decorations — you choose.Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Wedding fashion 2019 for invitations photo

The wedding invitation is the first point that you should consider when planning a celebration. The fact that the way you arrange them will depend on the attitude of the guests to your celebration. You have to give guests a subtle hint to what awaits them at your wedding, so the invitations should not only attract attention but also reflect the character of your couple. If you have a themed wedding, then you will be able to come up with and prompts. Because you have already planned the plot and the main images that will symbolize your holiday, which means that they can be used for decorating of invitations.Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Wedding fashion 2019: color palette

To the occasion of two hearts is good, you need to consider this celebration to the smallest detail. Depending on the chosen colors, the wedding can give a special atmosphere and a particular theme. To always stay in trend, engaged in the decoration of the wedding party should use the colors that will be relevant in 2019. Choosing a color scheme for the most important event in life, the couple should consider their own preferences, the interior of the venue of the celebration, as well as trends in the world of wedding events. In 2019 in the fashion will include several rich and bright shades as well as gentle and soft undertones. Among the most popular flowers in 2019, it is worth noting: blue; red; pink; white; turquoise; green. Every one of the trend colors can be used as the main base, and can be mixed with other shades, creating contrast. The red color really emphasizes the perfection of the white, and if it is still there are the Golden details, the perfect trio. The main rule of a relevant background for celebration is moderation in the decor and a mix of three different shades. If the colors and details is too large, it will be more like a children’s party, than the merging of two loving hearts.Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Fashionable Bridal veil 2019 new photo

The wedding accessory is considered the veil. At the shows spring-summer 2019 designers gave preference to the classic minimalism – the thin veil of semitransparent mesh, which is attached at the base of the hair and down to the waist. Some models are traditionally covered their faces, and at the request of the bride’s veil can drag on a long train. Oscar de la Renta has offered brides a thin veil draped over her hair and adorned with exquisite lace, and Flirty variations on the theme of miniature hats. Russian Bridal veil is very popular in the current season. Short neat mesh that American designers called «Russian veil» on the wave of popularity. If you have the restrained and laconic festive way, then look for such wedding accessories 2019. He will give the bride a chic and sophistication!Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Wedding dresses 2019

Boom season spring-summer 2019 – dress with a high slit on the thigh, accentuating the perfect little bride. The skirt is straight, to the floor, without unnecessary design elements and decorations. Emphasis is placed on the top of the dress – lace corset with no straps or sleeves fine sheer lace tulle off shoulder. Foot binding high heels. Such an open model is not for all girls, if 90-60-90 – this is not about you, it is better to give preference to more restrained but no less attractive option. Mesmerizing confidence and not your dress. Nothing will give a girl more graceful than the belief in their own beauty.Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Delicate, refined, almost weightless lace wedding dresses hugs the body like a second skin, emphasizing the profundity and elegance of the image. Lace can be all dress a whole or some of its elements, for example, only the top or skirt. Very beautiful in this dress raised neckline where the shoulders and hands covered in transparent fabric and the chest is decorated with lace and embroidery.Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

In a fashion back retro style and flaunt models in dresses in the style of 60-ies and 70-ies. But not everything is as simple dresses are decorated with modern fabrics, have more ease and simplicity. Vintage images are complemented by modern hairstyles and light makeup in the style of a La Naturelle. Innocence and purity are accentuated by corsets, slimming contouring figure and a neat white shoes with high heels. Bold decisions in the modern wedding style is also welcome — open front legs, a plunging neckline or numerous slits in the hem — all this is the place to be.Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Designers have played with transparent materials, creating candid wedding attire with illusion modesty. Skirts and tops made of transparent fabrics in the most explicit areas carefully decorated with rhinestones, embroidery, three-dimensional flowers. Going in that dress to the wedding ceremony, make sure that your Registrar is able to keep a straight face of a poker player no matter what. Especially if you go to the priest.
Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Two classic element of wedding outfits with train and veil — steadfastly held top wedding trends for several seasons. They are becoming more bold, as if on purpose to create the perfect photo-moments in Instagram. Bridal veil, accent embroidery, lace, beads and some Swarovski crystals. Plumes are getting closer to those all of us saw the Royal ceremonies in cathedrals.
Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Capes are already a couple of seasons in the trend on the runways and on the streets, but in Bridal fashion they are just now. Small capes on the shoulders, a full poncho and even fluttering raincoats into the plume was represented in many Bridal collections spring-summer 2019.Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Designers have played with style, decorating with beads, embroidery, lace, and like turn them into «upper clothes». The linen style of dress that emerged in the 1990s and recently received a new reading is reflected in wedding fashion. In addition to the corsages in the collections of wedding dresses spring-summer 2019 we see the dresses-shirts, dresses gowns in different variations.

Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Fashion trends that are born in large open-air festivals type, Coachella (California, USA), also come in wedding fashion. Lace, which has always been main stream in the fashion trends in the spring collections 2019 play more freely and not classic dresses. The bride-style boho 2019 in flowing lace dresses would be an excellent pair of informal musicians with Oinarov.Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Perhaps, everyone understands that traditional wedding dresses are quite bulky and uncomfortable. This is particularly noticeable in the wedding hustle and bustle. It is very difficult to dance at the party to upbeat tunes when you ball gown skirt with a huge train. Designers try to make wedding dress was not only beautiful, but comfortable, so make some eye-catching elements for them removable. For example, plumes or «puff» skirts, capes or large accent belt with bow.
Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019Tops and dresses with sleeves and off-the-shoulder — strong spring trend. Wedding designers have also adopted it. Such dresses in fashion shows spring 2019 are replaced by more familiar versions of off-the-shoulder strapless. Sleeve from dresses with bare shoulders can be very different in length and execution, this solution is applicable to models of different styles.
Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019So popular last season the decorations and details of 3D flowers continue to please our eyes. Used three-dimensional elements can be seen everywhere, both on the skirts and the corsets and bodices of wedding dresses.Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

In these collections, you can also see the bows of all sizes. Peter Langner, Anne Barge, Carolina Herrera and Oscar de la Renta used this feminine element as an accent for their wedding dresses. They can be observed everywhere: on the back, the belt, the loops and sleeves. Use paired with this dress, simple accessories, and everything else you tell it a charming decoration.Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

White wedding dress – a classic of the genre. But if you suddenly think that the white color doesn’t suit you, you just could not find «your» shade. A lot of the white keys – it can be color and egg shell, and ivory, and butter, and milk. The main thing – the color should harmonize with the shade of your skin.
Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Wedding bouquets spring-summer 2019

Wedding bouquet is an important detail in the image of the modern bride. When choosing a girls trust not only your taste and style decision, but the opinion of the florists who make flower arrangements based on the latest trends in the high fashion.

The warm season too, nothing changed, bringing changes to wedding bouquets for the bride spring-summer 2019. Updated color scheme, bright and expensive decor, or its absence, a combination of flowers with branches of trees, thorns, cones and many others — expect a bride in the upcoming wedding season.

Wedding bouquet of wildflowers

Wild flowers of the bouquet will be the perfect option for brides who prefer for your image with the veil and the wedding in General — vintage and retro styles. Ears of wheat, aromatic gerbera daisies, «jingle» bells, dandelions and chamomile, will give the bride an additional charm and charm.Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Bouquet of roses

Classic peony or a garden rose Bridal bouquet — classic, ideal for any look. In the season spring-summer 2017 limitations in drawing up the bouquet of roses there. You can use any colors and shades, combined with «unusual» items or monotone.Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

In the style boho

Vintage, retro and Greek images is the perfect complement bouquets design, different from classical non-standard forms, combinations and decorative elements.Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Wedding shoes spring-summer 2019

The fashion for wedding shoes 2019 is considered to be quite versatile, because every bride wants to be the most beautiful on her wedding day. Girls who will walk down the aisle, focus on the selection of wedding dresses, but the choice of wedding Shoe becomes a secondary point of preparation to one of the most important days of life.

Previously, the choice of wedding shoes was very poor. The fact is that women that went to get married a few decades ago, shoes classic pumps white. And wedding shoes had to be closed. Now, in Shoe stores you can find a huge number of models of wedding shoes, and it is not only shoes, but sandals, ballet flats, and boots.Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019Свадебная мода весна-лето 2019

Wedding shoes 2019 come in different models and colors. Classic last year remains in trend. In Bridal fashion are colors like traditional white, champagne, ivory, ivory. Also the designers have ensured that brides who choose wedding dresses of unusual colors could be matched to your outfit suitable shoes.