Whether or not you’re a DIY bride, you can’t deny these ideas are both clever and beautiful—plus, they definitely won’t destroy your budget. From food to flowers, programs to reception decor, and much more, we have all the DIYs you need. Read on for the inspiring ideas that will make your big day special–but not too spendy! 

glass sign
We’ve all seen plenty of signs drawn on wood and chalkboards, but our favorite are those drawn on framed glass. Especially when set with romantic greenery.


s’mores bar
A s’more is kind of like a DIY dessert, right? Have your guests pick from an assortment of fun fillings that go beyond the classic options, such as swapping out plain chocolate for Reese’s Cups or adding some fresh fruit.
personalized chalkboard chairs
Use this opportunity to get creative and add anything from your favorite song lyrics to personalized messages on each mini chalkboard. Or, let your guests have some fun and have them individualize their own.
wooden barrel table
You’re one old wine barrel away from a rustic-looking table, perfect for your cocktail reception. Top with candles or flowers for a simple yet chic finish.
hanging lightbulb bouquets
Ditch the vases in lieu of these whimsical hanging bouquets. Hollow out some old Edison lightbulbs, wrap with jute twine, and add your favorite flowers for an easy flower display.
paint chip escort cards
Using free paint chips from your local hardware store isn’t a revolutionary DIY, but it might be one we’ll never get sick of. We’re really loving all the variations of green int his escort card setup!
confetti programs
Kill two birds with one stone. Make your program double as a packet for your confetti! 
vine backdrop
Elegant and romantic, this vine backdrop really takes the cake in terms of easy to make yet still impressive backdrops. It’s great for a photobooth or just a nice place for guests to take photos. 
signature cocktail
Whether your wedding features two signature cocktails (one for each spouse) or a cocktail everyone is already familiar with, you can’t go wrong with choosing your favorite booze. Spice it up and work with your favorite bar tender—or mix your own—to create a custom cocktail for your reception. (Pssst! Keep the recipe and drink it on your anniversaries, or you know, whenever you want.)
programs that double as a fan
Bonus: This also helps shield your guests’ eyes from the sun. If you’re hosting an outdoor wedding and you know it’s going to be a scorcher, creating programs that do double duty will be much appreciate by guests.
dip-dyed placemats
DIY-ing your own placemats isn’t hard. Plus, with this two-sided dip-dyed technique, it’s easy to incorporate all of your wedding colors! 
seating chart trick
All you need to organize—and reorganize—your seating chart is a few sticky notes and scissors. Let the games begin!
mimosa bar
This is an awesome DIY to do for your bridesmaids as you get ready OR for your reception if you’re having an earlier fête. 
flower box
Learn how to make your own crate and fill it with flowers for whimsical, romantic wedding centerpieces. 
It’s not hard to construct these yourself… The hard part is choosing what green elements you want to incorporate. See one idea above!
leftover treat boxes
Your (most likely tipsy) guests will appreciate this on their way out of the door of the reception. Plus, there’s no use in your expensive—and tasty—cake and other desserts going to waste.
pastel bouquet
Petal Floral Design gives you the breakdown on which flowers—and how many—to buy to recreate this stunning bouquet.
illustrated program packet
Give your guests something to read while they wait for the ceremony to start. We love this custom designed program booklet that features a bit of background info on all the bridesmaids and groomsmen. 
floral chair details
If plain, minimalist chairs aren’t your thing, add mason jars filled with your favorite flowers. 
ombré photobooth backdrop
And promptly recreate this photo. We can’t imagine a prettier photobooth for an outdoor wedding or reception.
mixed-tape reception favors
Create a mixed-tape with all your favorite jams you’re planning on playing throughout your reception. This way guests won’t be pestering you for songs they liked and everyone will be able to reminisce on the trip home. 
chair garland
Plan to trick out your chairs at your reception! We love this fresh, romantic garland. And in case you’re nervous to handle this stuff, just know all you have to do is find your own draping greenery (they used Russian olive here) and tie it to the chair!
one tier floral chandelier
Hang a beautiful floral chandelier over any of your bars for a touch of extra-romantic decor. 
wood sign
Wood signs are nothing new, but they’re so cute! We’re especially fans of the variety that points you in the right direction, like you see here. 
cute straws
Patterned straws are pretty, but adding custom messages like “prost” and “cheers” makes them even cuter! Details really do make a difference. 
hanging bottles
This is the perfect DIY for a bar or cocktail space—just make sure the bottles are hanging securely! 
origami ceiling decor
This is especially relevant for those planning a colorful wedding. This bride spent hours making these simple origamis, which definitely paid off at the reception.
garden-style bouquet
Get the breakdown on which flowers were used in this dreamy bouquet by Floret Flowers.
conversation starting guest book
This is a cute way to start conversations between your guests—and create an alternate guestbook that will be filled with memories. 
geometric paper backdrop
This vintage-looking paper backdrop feels sophisticated and will cost you next to nothing to make.
eucalyptus hair wreath
Eucalyptus hair wreaths are the more sophisticated sister to the flower crown. Consider putting your bridesmaids in these if you’re planning an outdoor ceremony.
floral heart
Having floral hearts to lean on bars throughout your reception will add a romantic touch to your space. 
paper placemats
This DIY is perfect for someone with a smaller, more casual wedding where the cutlery might be located next to the buffet instead of already at the table.
multi-tier floral chandelier
We’re so in love with this multi-tier, ombré chandelier. Place it above any table or bar to instantly impress guests.
chocolate cake toppers
Make your own cupcake toppers with this easy chocolate DIY. All you need is a bag, some wax paper, and melted chocolate.