Your wedding day is a day you do not want to forget and that your family and friends will treasure with great tenderness. What better way to immortalize your big day than with a photo shoot?

Many brides choose as scenarios a forest, a beach, others prefer a session in a studio, or at the wedding venue, but have you hear about a “Wedding Attack” photo shoot?

It’s a trend that’s sweeping the nation and we can not get enough of it (yet!). Wedding party attack photos are the hottest new trend, thanks to photographer Quinn Miller who started it with his fantastic T-Rex creation. Since then we have seen some terrific variations including, Shark attacks, Star Wars, Zombie Army, and the Transformers, to name a few.


Joe Roberts | @roberts_imagery


If you are a  Star War fan, a Wedding Attack from The Empire Strikes Back will be an excellent choice. Extremely fun for your family to participate.


Rebecca | @lightchaser76


You can always choose a classic, like this chase in the middle of the city, fleeing from a wild T-Rex. The little ones will love seeing the final photos.


Wedding Attack! The New Trend For Your Wedding Photos

Jens Nink

If you want to feel like Megan Fox for a day, a Wedding Attack by the Transformers in your in-laws’ backyard, sounds like an excellent plan.


Wedding Attack! The New Trend For Your Wedding Photos

Stare Cat

If your wedding is going to take place on the beach, why not take advantage of it to make a wedding Attack chord. Who is not a fan of the Shark movies? Why not recreate an attack scene with your family and best friends? Everyone will love it.



Knight Image Photography

If you grew up in the 90’s a Wedding Attack from Marshmallow Man from Ghostbusters, it will be ideal for you. A very creative way to relive your childhood.


Wedding Attack! The New Trend For Your Wedding Photos

Owl’s Eye Studios

For lovers of science fiction, what about a Wedding Attack of aliens? With ships and everything, this photo session will be a real success in your social networks.


Wedding Attack! The New Trend For Your Wedding Photos

It is not necessary that you flee. In your Star Wars Wedding Attack, you can always take out your lightsabers and fight against the dark side, now with your husband.

The themes that can be used are innumerable, everything depends on your creativity and your tastes. What do you say? Do you dare to give a modern touch to your wedding photos? Tell us how your ideal Wedding Attack would be.




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