And it feels as if we are in heaven!

The green pastures stretch out as an endless ocean. It’s green everywhere you look and even beyond that and you cannot get enough of it!
The scenery is magnificent: slopes cradle scattered cabins and cottages on flowery carpets with  ethereal and dreamy quality that make you question your reality. We’ve made a ton of pictures to show what we mean and how it felt.

We’ve been here for 2 days and we are hopelessly in love with it! Our agenda has been packed tight so there is absolutely no time for me to sit down and actually write about this journey. I will need time to settle down,  harness all emotions and experiences and  give them words to tell our story. I will share that story – our travelogue next week.
Have a fantastic weekend! I am signing off.

P.S. Last but certainly not the least and very seriously dealt with – the GDPR! Four dreaded letters that seem to throw the internet world into a frenzy.
I wanted to let you know that my privacy policies are all updated for your reading  pleasure and can be found just bellow the blog’s banner.