If you are planning to wear a pencil skirt, it is but natural to worry or at least put a lot of thought into how you are planning to style it. This is because pencil skirts are tight, form fitting, narrow and can show your figure to the best advantage if you have the body for it. However, they can also be harsh if you have added even a bit of weight and can showcase this for all the world to see. But having said that pencil skirts are also among the most attractive and can make you look like a million bucks. The best aspect of pencil skirts is that they can be worn for casual as well as formal occasions. Adding tights to the pencil skirt can make you look very good and add an additional aspect that can make your dressing look complete. If you want to know what we mean, you can check out trendy Ankara print pencil skirt outfits with a formal touch.





Of course, if you are talking about business women pencil skirt outfits for formal occasions, the combining those with the correct pair of tights will only make the ensemble more attractive. But many girls and women get confused when it comes to tights. Want to wear nude tights? Learn about the pros and cons before you do so that you can be sure you are on the right path and styling it right.




Here are some ways to wear pencil skirts with tights:

Dark on dark: Sometimes we want to make a dramatic impact but without being too flashy and obvious about it. In such instances, it makes sense to go for a subtle punch that may not be easy to decipher. Yes, we are talking about combining dark tights with a dark colored pencil skirt. It not only helps cover any leg stubble you may have but also packs a subtle punch.





Dark on light: Dark on light can be of two types; one being a light colored pencil skirt with a dark pair of tights or light tights with a dark colored pencil skirt. But we can tell you upfront that the first combination will make a better impact than the latter, which is not to say it will not work at all.





Nude on dark: Nude tights are something of a cheat in sense that they seem to be almost like a bare leg when viewed from a distance. This can be a good way to go; your lovely legs are covered, so you feel less exposed in the dark form hugging pencil skirt you are wearing but the onlooker gets to enjoy the look you flaunt.





Nude on light: Nude on light colored pencil skirt is a nice and sober combination which you should wear when you want your work or your personality to make a bigger impact than the way you look. But it still makes you look good; we are talking about the pencil skirt after all.



Patterned prints: These make your legs look interesting but on the other hand can be a bit of a distraction. It really works when you have a color and pattern combination for your pencil skirt and top that is subdued by adding a nice visual impact.



Sheer or opaque: If you ask a man, he will always tell you to go for the sheer tights because it is sexier. But again, this is a matter of personal choice whether you want to go for sheer tights or opaque ones. Do consider the entire outfit before you make a decision either way.

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