watercolor painting: how to use reference material without copying

full process with real time commentary on how i used a reference photo as a general guide for shapes and composition to paint loose flowers… without copying.
reference photo provided by Mona at https://www.youtube.com/user/monchri08
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———- * SUPPLIES USED IN THIS VIDEO * ——————————————–

• 140lb cold pressed watercolor paper (Canson XL)
• watercolor paints: quinacridone coral (Daniel Smith), sap green (Shinhan), hooker’s green (QOR), ultramarine deep (Shinhan)
• pastel yellow poster paint (Shinhan)
• #0 mop brush, 803 series (Raphaël)
• #1 round watercolor brush (Hwahong)
• pigma micron pen, 01 size (Sakura)

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