Architect and furniture designer Alejandro Sticotti invites us inside his Palermo showroom and studio.

Sticotti’s two-story showroom and studio in Palermo, Buenos Aires, allows guests to peruse the firm’s elegant, minimalist designs in a loft-like setting. Read a brief Q&A with founder Alejandro Sticotti below, and watch the video for a full tour of the light-drenched space.

How did you land in Palermo? 

Alejandro Sticotti: About 30 years ago, before Palermo was Palermo, I decided to buy this spot and turn it into a studio. Palermo was a marginal neighborhood, dangerous at times. In that time it was largely unoccupied, so the properties were cheap. 

 Here, a group of technicians had set up a shop where they manufactured vents for electronics. As soon as I was able to buy it, I opened up the window at the front.That’s what let us communicate with the neighborhood. People would stop by and watch to see what was happening behind the big window, in a neighborhood filled with manufacturing shops.

Photo by Eugenio Mazzinghi

Photo by Eugenio Mazzinghi

How did the studio space evolve? 

After some time I wanted to have more space for my studio, so we built the upstairs area for meetings and my office. The downstairs is now more for exhibition. Also downstairs, my wife, Mercedes, has her offices. She has a stationary brand called Mono.

Photo by Eugenio Mazzinghi

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