Warning! These One Million Dollar Luxury Beach Villas Will Induce Extreme Vacation Envy

Imagine a world in which sun, sea and sand are the order of the day, every day. If this sounds like the dream, hold onto your hats because we found a way to make this your reality. All you need is a cool one million dollars. Keep scrolling for more.

Luxury Beach Villa

The Bahamas

Located just off the coast of Florida, The Bahamas is a Caribbean archipelago made up of some 3,000 islands, cays and islets – each more beautiful than the last. Think miles of uninterrupted white sandy beaches looking out onto crystal blue seas. There’s a reason why The Bahamas has become synonymous with tropical luxury.


Money-wise, The Bahamas offers a favorable cost of living. Property prices come in at roughly 26.8% less than the US average. That means one million dollars can get you luxury property and land.

Luxury beach villa in The Bahamas overlooking a tropical white sandy beach | NONAGON.style

Long Island

Take this picturesque four bed, four bath family home for instance, which comes with 1.44 acres of land and 200 linear feet of beachfront and costs US$1.5 million.

Luxury beach villa in The Bahamas with white architectural roof details and green garden | NONAGON.style

The property is situated on Long Island, which is widely known to be the most scenic of The Bahamas’ islands. With the beach as your backyard, you’d be uniquely placed to enjoy its full beauty.

Luxury beach villa in The Bahamas with beach backyard and pavilion | NONAGON.style

The home further enjoys access to the world-renowned Cape Santa Maria Resort. Featuring a restaurant, bar and a daily program of water-sports activities, you’ll be spoiled for choice over how to spend your time.

French Polynesia

We’ll be honest with you from the get-go here, French Polynesia is a logistically difficult location in which to buy property. Government authorization, alongside strong cultural values linked to the ancestral importance of land, are just some of the obstacles facing international buyers.


That being said, if you have patience enough to get through the process, the reward you reap is worth it. Described by many as paradise on earth, French Polynesia boasts an abundance of beaches, blue lagoon waters and majestic mountain peaks. This does, however, all come at a price, with the cost of property aligning with some of the most expensive areas of the US.

Luxury beach villa in French Polynesia with private island surrounded by leafy vegetation and trees | NONAGON.style


Nevertheless, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some bargains to be found. Here, we sourced a beach home located on its own island for just under US$630,000.

Luxury beach villa in French Polynesia with wood panel siding and traditional roof structure | NONAGON.style

Accessible by a five minute boat ride from the village of Avatoru in Rangiroa, the property encompasses a two bed, two bath villa with an additional dwelling house for visitors or house staff.

Sheltered wooden deck of a luxury beach villa in French Polynesia | NONAGON.style

Even better, it’s completely private. Under French law, beaches can’t be private … unless you buy your own island. Honestly, we can’t think of a better place to relax and retire from the world.


More than just a gap year destination, Bali offers tropical luxury combined with spiritual beauty. The Indonesian island is a bit of a latecomer in terms of expat-friendly infrastructure. However, the rapid rate of development makes it an exciting up and coming location for investment.


While property prices vary wildly, Bali offers greater value for money than the previous city locations we’ve featured. However, do be aware of the province’s stringent property laws, which prohibit non-Indonesian buyers from investing without the help of a local nominee or foreign investment company.

Luxury beach villa in Bali with swimming pool | NONAGON.style


Sitting smack bang in the middle of Balian Beach – famous for its velvety black volcanic sand – this seven bedroom property embodies the very best of island living.

Contemporary bathroom and circular white sink detail inside a luxury beach villa in Bali | NONAGON.style

Built in 2011, this beach villa features contemporary interiors which are nearly as beautiful as its tropical surroundings. A lavish pool and spacious parking area are the cherries on top of the cake.

Which one is your favorite luxury beach villa?


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