Warm environment is important to create a family related room like dining room and living room, especially when you want to create something with rustic, natural, or farmhouse style around the house. If you want to create something like that in the dining room, you would love to see that one of the options of doing that is by having a wooden dining table. To make your room even warmer, these wooden table that can support the raw look in the room is one of the best thing you can try.

Outdoor Dining
Dining area can be refreshing and romantic at the same time by putting it outdoor. This one here shows a natural and minimalist look not only in the dining table itself but on the patio and open kitchen setting. The open look is perfect with greenery look around.

Metal Support
If you love looking for something modern of a fusion of rustic and modern, this wooden dining table with metal support would likely meet your wish. Completed with black metal chairs, this dining set looks strong yet warm at the same time.

Wood and Metal
Similar to the previous one, this one also has wooden table with metal support that makes it rustic and warm. The metal chairs make nice complement to the wooden bench on the other side. It’s all natural and easy companion to the simple room.

Traditional Wood
This simple and smooth wooden dining set looks so beautiful in the natural room. The smooth and minimalist design in the dining set brings out warmth and simplicity in the bright dining room.

Pale Wooden Dining Set
Although brown wood look is probably a popular pick but a pale look is another thing that people love too. This one here looks complement the white wooden cabinet and ceiling. The kitchen feels complete and warm.

Simple Table
This wooden dining table is simple and minimalist with smooth surfaced table and thin black metal legs. The simple dining table is completed with woven cushion and back. This set brings our warm natural look that matches the open kitchen with high wooden ceiling room.

Sleek Traditional
In this kitchen with traditional look seen on the floor, cabinet, and the ceiling, the simplicity shows strongly that makes the room looks clean and tidy. The wooden dining sets looks simple too with sleek design and simple wooden stools.

Simple Fusion
The mix of wooden table and metal support has been seen in the previous ones. This one here presents simpler look with wooden bench and modern chairs the makes the set looks minimalist enough to be put in the minimalist room but still has details to offer.

Near the Stairs
This wooden dining set looks so comfortable to have dining in. Positioned near the wooden coated stairs, this wooden dining set complements the environment perfectly well.

Open and Warm
This open room has refreshing look with natural warmth on the furniture and minimalist look on the floor and wall. The mix of wooden chair, stool and rattan brings merriment to the dining table but in the mild natural level.