This beautiful home with beige and yellow tints makes me feel like spring is just around the corner (if only this was the case). The yellow tints in the living room ad a playful touch to this otherwise beige and mainly white palette and I love the vintage side board that has been painted white for a lighter look.

The kitchen has a vintage touch as well, which combines nicely with the large dining table with the beige linen table cloth* and the many green plants on display in front of the window.

My favorite room in this home however, must be the bedroom with the cute small office table against the wall.  The beige wall color makes the white of the window and door frames stand out very nicely and the bed fits exactly in the rather narrow space in front of the window. I love the combination of of all the linen bedsheets and bedspread* for a crinkled look and think the vintage desk works so nicely paired up with the modern Wästberg Alma wall lamp in white*.

Styled by Studio Cuvier, via Alvhem

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