A swimsuit is a garment that needs to be picked with care as it can make or break your appearance at the poolside. One may think that all that matters is a swimsuit that fits well and you are done but if it were that simple, no girl would think so much when asked to pick out the right swimsuit for her. The thing is, a swimsuit should not only be comfortable to swim in, it should also make the girl or woman wearing it feel good and ensure that she looks her attractive best. As we have always said, knowledge about all the types of swimsuits is one of the things that will make your search for the right swimsuit easier. Whether you are looking for sexy plus size swimsuit for summer or for that sexy bikini that will have everyone salivating, you have to get all the information right.

The right swimsuit will rank right up there with the super hot beach outfits for any summer holidays. In fact, the swimsuit will be the first item you will reach out for when you think of how to pack for stylish summer vacation. In any case, here is a list of the main types of swimsuits that you should know about:

one piece swim suit

One piece swimsuit: This is the classic that has lasted through the years though the cut and amount of fabric will vary on what kind of cut you are comfortable with and the style that flatters you the most.


Bikini: A simple two piece wear which consists of a brassiere and panty but made in such a way that enables easy swimming. Of course, it goes without saying that the cut and style are varied.


Skirtini: This is basically the bikini but just that the bottom portion would be a skirt instead of just a panty. It is great for those who want more coverage for their lower half.

Tankini: This is the reverse of the skirtini by providing more coverage for the torso rather than the bottom portion with the top portion of the swimsuit consisting of a tank top.

swim dress

Swim dress: This one is a one piece swimsuit but with the addition of more coverage to make it look more like a dress than a swimsuit. Ideal for those who want to be modest even while swimming.

legsuit swimwear

Legsuit: This is a swim suit that covers the person wearing it from the top of the neck to the ankles. This could be one that would suit those who want all there skin to be protected from the waters and the sun.


Burkini: What will you get when you mix the burka with the swimsuit – a burkini that covers the woman from the top of her head to the ankle level. Ideal for Muslim women who want to be modest but still swim.

sling swimsuit

Sling swimsuit: A deceptively modest swimsuit depending on which angle that you look at it as it is held up by straps and is quite bare at the back.

top bottom swim suit

Top bottom suit: With tight shorts that reach up to the middle of the leg and a tank top, this is for those who go to swim and not for anything else.

ruffle swim suit

Ruffle swimsuit: A bikini but with ruffles to add to the cute factor rather than go for a blatantly sexy look. It can make a woman who is not well endowed on the top portion of her body look bustier than she is.

bandeau swim suit

Bandeau swimsuit: This bikini is as easy to wear as it is to take it off with easy ties on the sides for the bottom and at the back for the top.

three piece swim suit

Three piece swimsuit: A swimsuit that is great for those who want to swim but be comfortable and modest. The three pieces of the swimsuit ensure enough coverage.

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