Voluminous hair: hairstyles, styling

They come and go, but never lose their romance. Voluminous hairstyles that were so popular last season, now becoming rather thematic.

In particular, many stylists share their secrets to creating a sexy voluminous blowout, this talk today.

Voluminous hair: what is the secret?

Experienced barbers say that in order to get beautiful hair, you should straighten hair. When the hair looks healthy and shiny, they emphasize the advantages of hair, not to mention its form and style.

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Then the job of laying. Professionals say that the styling is turned «on hurrah», you should use only trusted styling tools. Before drying be sure to put on hair texturizing mousse that will give hair volume. And they should be given special treatment.

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Thus, touch should be taken in small portions, RUB in hands, then apply to the roots of the hair from the roots. In this case, the hair will receive a certain texture that will make them more voluminous.

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When the hair is completely dry, you should apply the product to the hair, distributing it from roots to ends. This is a natural process of creating volume in the hair, with a simple blow dry.

However, there are more sophisticated methods. For example, create hair volume with the help of Fleece. Accordingly, the fleece, should also be subject to certain rules. For example, in order that the fleece stayed on my hair all day, you need to create it exclusively in the root zone and capture dust or hairspray. In addition, it should be remembered that it is strictly forbidden to create a bouffant on the wet hair, as this may destroy the texture of the hair.

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Voluminous hair: hairstyles

There are many hairstyles that emphasize the beauty of the hair. And, above all, we are talking about such hairstyles, as the curls, ponytail, braids, etc.
We’ll talk about how to create the most vivid of them.

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Voluminous ponytail: how to do?

Voluminous tails are very popular this season. But stylists recommend to practice before to create a voluminous hairstyle tail. Initially, you should master the technique of proper brushing, and after that to learn how to create tall tails, because they are now in fashion. In this case, the volume is easy to create the bouffant the hair roots and ascertaining the effect of hairspray. And the ponytail look more stylish, it can be decorated with original accessories: ribbon, Hoop, leather rim, and so do low and voluminous tails?

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Designers also use as a complement the fashion image of low ponytails that look great paired with curls.

Voluminous curls

Hairstyle voluminous curls have long been used as a formal hairstyle for weddings, celebrations and holidays. Of course, this luxury women’s hairstyle which has no analogues. The most popular this year is hairstyle air locks. To create it just using a cone-shaped Curling irons. However, before you create, you should backcomb the roots of the hair and fix the varnish, so the hair was more voluminous. But the tips of the hair better and does leave no Polish, to air throughout the day.

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Voluminous braid
Voluminous braid looks very impressive and tempting. This year the fashion includes retro braids, the so-called Bohemian braids. This voluminous braid, an element of negligence. But they all have something in common- they must be three-dimensional. Today it is fashionable to create a three-dimensional braids and tuck them to the side. These braids look very stylish and Flirty.

And even stylists recommend to pay attention to a hair style braid basket. In fashion voluminous circular scythe, which actually decorate various accessories. So, this season these hair accessories, such as leather headbands, silk ribbons, etc.
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Your hair have a distinct advantage – they make the image more seductive and attractive. However, to create volume on hair, you will have to follow a few simple rules.