Visiting Odaiba, Japan | Things to do in Odaiba (お台場) on a day trip from Tokyo

Visiting Odaiba, Japan | Things to do in Odaiba (お台場) on a day trip from Tokyo

Join us as we visit Odaiba, Japan on a day trip from our apartment in Tokyo. In terms of things to do in Odaiba there is no shortage of restaurants, malls, museums and attractions including a nice beach to check out. The following is what we got up to visiting Odaiba (お台場) for the day:

1) Yurikamome train to reach Odaiba (新交通ゆりかもめ)
2) Visiting Decks Tokyo Beach Mall
3) Walking around for views of Rainbow bridge, Tokyo skyline and Statue of Liberty
4) Checking out a robot at the information desk at Aqua City
5) Going to visit the Fuji TV building (closed for us)
6) Shopping in Diver City mall and checking out the food court
7) Visiting Gundam Robot statue
8) Miraikan (National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation to see Asimov robot performance)
9) Eating burgers at Kua ‘Aina
10) Visiting Odaiba beach for sunset

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Visiting Odaiba, Japan | Things to do in Odaiba (お台場) on day trip from Tokyo Travel Transcript:

Well good morning guys. Today we are visiting Odaiba (お台場). This is a manmade island in the Bay of Tokyo and we have come here because this place is known for its futuristic constructions, lots of shopping malls. They have a beach. You get amazing views of Tokyo. So yeah we’re going to be spending the whole day here today and taking you on a tour of Odaiba (お台場).

We’ve just walked into our first mall (DECKS) and already there is a lot going on. I’ve seen Hello Kitty. There is Legoland.

There is a Madame Tussauds wax museum with Lady Gaga standing outside. You can rent kimonos.

We’re going to show you guys the view of the rainbow bridge and the Tokyo skyline. Rainbow bridge is the bridge that we took over on the train to get here.

At the beach we’re seeing some people sunbathing, working on their tan. There is standup paddleboarders. There is a few people swimming.

I’m going to show you the statue of liberty in Odaiba (お台場) because ‘yes’ apparently there is one here in Tokyo.

We found the robot at the info desk. You can approach her and ask her questions and apparently, she responds. I don’t know if she speaks English but this is my first time seeing a robot helping people which is so weird.

I would say this has been worth the trip to Odaiba (お台場) just to see a robot. And there is still a museum that we’re planning to visit later on. It is a museum about science, technology and apparently, they have robots in there too.

The tunnel of the future. Of the future. This is taking us up to Fuji TV building. Apparently, this is going to be the best view from up here.

What you doing? We’re shopping just a little bit.

we are now at basement level here in Diver City. Yes so in the basement of this mall there is a gigantic gigantic food court.

Now going to show you guys the most famous Robot here in Odaiba (お台場). This one is called Unicorn Gundam and I don’t know my Japanese anime or cartoons too well but maybe some of you might recognize him. He looks like a white transformer.

This is the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan). It looks super futuristic behind me. And we’ve come here to see robots.

We are here for another robot demonstration. Next up we’re going to be meeting Asimo.

ime for our final stop of the day. We have come down to the beach and yeah we’re just going to end things here. The sun is going to be setting soon and this is just a nice chilled spot. There is someone swimming right now. People are just like getting their feet wet. But it is nice and relaxing. There is a bit of a breeze.

So a good way to end things off here in Odaiba (お台場) with my man.

This is part of our Travel in Japan video series showcasing Japanese food, Japanese culture and Japanese experiences.

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