Visiting Dalí’s House Is Just...Surreal

If you’re a traveler, you find yourself visiting the homes of lots of dead people. My favorites are the studios of artists (painters, sculptors, composers) — and perhaps the best of all is Salvador Dalí’s home in Cadaqués, Spain. In this clip, you’ll experience Dalí’s house with me: his crazy entryway, his penis-shaped pool, his studio (where he cleverly innovated an easel that could be raised and lowered, so he could paint while staying seated), and his delightful bedroom. At the entry, a statue of a warrior with a small child coming out of it greets visitors — a reminder to leave your aggressive spirit out and enter as a playful child.

I’m always impressed by how many of my favorite creative people were powered by their muse…their own Yoko Onos. It’s lots of fun to see the world Dalí created with his muse, Gala, and to consider the norms they trashed. Join me for a look at their home where, together, they would wake up and be the first in Spain to see the sunrise.

Of all the homes of dead people you’ve toured, which is your favorite?