Violet, a delicate spring flower that colors magically the garden

In our opinion, the violet is the most tender and delicate flower. With petals like velvet, pansies are flowers that embellish the gardens from early spring until mid-autumn. In the tiny species (and we exaggerated when we used this term) the violets join shyly to the other stars in the garden. They prefer to live in the shade of roses or chrysanthemums for example, but not without successfully fulfilling their role in the garden of the house. But we can not but wonder what makes them aesthetically attractive. The answer can only be one. Color blend.

Wonderful ideas for fabulous decorations in the garden with climbing roses

Like all the flowers in the garden, and the pansies are easy to care for. It requires only a well-drained soil, sunny, but also semi-shady, giving us a colorful show when it blooms. And all that for free.


























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