Vinyl; The New Leather

Vinyl, PVC and patent leather used to be reserved for very specific categories: rain gear, dominatrix wear and ladylike accessories. It’s a tricky trend when it comes to ready-to-wear and outside of the typical realms, you’d have been hard-pressed to find a sophisticated version in clothing — until now. Yes, it’s taken a few seasons, but the fashion crowd has officially transformed the high-shine fabric into one you should probably try adding to your wardrobe. And no, it won’t look trashy.




Trenches are one of the most popular iterations, having shown up at the Spring 2018 shows in droves. In colors varying from black to burgundy.

Alpha & Omega





A-line miniskirts are also a favorite of fashion girls. Paired with less overtly sexy items like chunky sweaters and oxford button-downs, vinyl goes from racy to refined like that. It’s a styling concept that has pretty much made the material a must-have this season. From shiny, rock star-inspired pants to glossy minidresses, style stars know the key to keeping it chic lies in the balance. In other words: Play down your patents and PVCs. Try subbing out your classic denim or leather pieces for a vinyl version and your look will instantly get a serious upgrade.


Just Female




Alpha & Omega  ASOS

Forever 21





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