Villa Honegg is a special hotel with a rich story. It was originally constructed in 1905 by Emil Durrer-Traxler who managed to build his own hotel without even using an architect. It opened in 1906 and back then it had 72 beds which guests could rent for weeks at a time. It had tennis, boules, croquet and billiards. In 1997 the hotel was sold and then in 2007 it got a new owner once again. After years of renovations, in 2011, the hotel opened its doors once again.

This small hotel sits on top of a hillside, on a sun terrace with extraordinary views in all directions
This is a hotel that does the location justice, taking full advantage of the conditions on the site
The hotel’s outdoor pool has become famous thanks to the gorgeous views

Now Villa Honegg is the smallest superior 5-star hotel in Switzerland. It sits atop a hillside, above Lake Lucerne at an altitude of 914 meters above sea level. From up here the views are amazing. You can see the Alps, the lake, the valley and you can do that while swimming in the outdoor infinity pool.

The infinity pool overlooks the valley, the lake and the mountains and the impact is mesmerizing
The memorable experience guests have here is unique and special in so many ways
Out on the terrace guests have the option to dine at the restaurant, being offered cozy blankets

The outdoor pool is constantly heated at 34 degrees celsius throughout the seasons so it’s always comfortable and ready to introduce its guests into a mirifical atmosphere with unique and unforgettable moments.

The outdoor dining areas are spacious and comfortable, spread across the terrace and oriented towards the valley
The outdoor pool is heated at a constant temperature all year round
As the snow sets on the hill, the valley and the mountains, the ambiance changes but remains charming
There’s really no place to hide here from the views. They’re constantly the center of attention

This charming boutique hotel now offers its guests 23 rooms, with dimensions ranging from 238 sq ft (22 sqm) to 1000 sq ft (92 sqm). They’re decorated with a lot of natural materials in the Art Nouveau style and using earthy and neutral colors. They’re all very inviting and elegant and even though there are no huge windows to connect them with the outdoors, the views are still a part of their charm.

The rooms are glamorous and exquisite, decorated in an Art Nouveau style
The rooms vary in size from 20 sqm to 92 sqm and they’re all elegant and inviting
The interior design focuses on natural materials and earthy colors meant to make the rooms feel inviting
Everything in here suggests a very warm and pleasant ambiance with a hint of sophistication

The hotel has a restaurant with the options of both indoor and outdoor dining. Inside, the decor is elegant and welcoming and outdoors the focus is on the views. There are also other facilities which the guests can enjoy, such as a fitness center, a spa, a steam room, a sauna,a  movie theater and two pools. The indoor pool has a large adjacent lounge space with comfortable seating and an underwater music system.

The restaurant also offers the option of dining indoors where it’s warm and pleasant
The indoor pool has large windows that let the views in and a relaxing lounge area
The facilities include a space,a steam room and a sauna where guests can unwind and relax
The outdoor pool is perhaps the biggest attraction of the hotel, mostly because of the view
The water in the pool is warm and pleasant even in winter
The pool steps have been nicknamed Stairway to Heaven, a name that really captures the charm

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