Vienna’s Gay-Friendly Crosswalk Lights

Vienna's Gay-Friendly Crosswalk Lights

Austria is notorious for its far-right (even racist and bigoted) national politics. But Vienna is a bastion of tolerance. In fact, while the current national government may not support gay rights, the big city — Vienna — greets you with crosswalk signs that show gay couples crossing the streets. While Austria’s Green Party has never wielded much power at the national level, it is strong in Vienna. In fact, it’s part of Vienna’s ruling coalition, which it joined on the condition that it would gain control of the city’s transportation department. That’s why, when you travel to Vienna, you’ll notice people-friendly (vehicle-unfriendly) streets, lots of bike lanes, and traffic lights that seem to say, “Gay or straight, everyone is equally welcome on our streets.” Waltz with me through the happy streets of Vienna.

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