FANAF Architects completed the design of a contemporary gathering spot, Pause Café, in Nanjing, China. The vibrant cafe is located in a gray, decrepit building but stands out thanks to its exterior wooden finishes. Pause Café aims to attract the young creative professionals who work and study in the region.

“The popularity of the area can be attributed to its proximity to the renowned Nanjing University, the recent growth of foreign students and increasing status of western and international influences,” the architects said. “The creative district is synonymous with self-expression and inclusiveness.”

“The camaraderie and vibrant atmosphere extend to the welcoming design of the cafe, which retains its charm being nestled in a 1980s-heritage apartment building,” the architects added. “In its seamless fusion of both vintage and modern materials and design aesthetics, ‘Pause’ encapsulates the wisdom of an old city soul while also intermingling with emerging creative cultures. ”

FANAF Architects decided to use contradictory concepts–modern and traditional–to represent the multicultural and multifaceted nature of the district. Bamboo and black steel are the two main materials used in the design and can be observed throughout, from the lighting units to the shelving systems, table counters and chairs. An outdoor terrace provides a perfect spot for friendly gatherings. Information provided by FANAF Architects; photography by Jin Weijian.

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