Velvet furniture? Not so common now but bohemian enough, glamorous and old at the same time to turn a space into something fancy.
If you take a walk in the windows of some furniture store, you probably find many leather options but they always have a special space for velvet furniture that is never out of trend.

If you are interested in making changes in the furniture of your home or for the first time you make decisions about what to buy, let us explain a little about how velvet furniture is a special option with its pros and cons.

Many people do not opt for this material because of pet hairs. And I would be lying who says there are dogs or cats who love to lie on the sofas with all the elegance of France. Right? But let’s see, that’s something that could be solved with a vacuum cleaner.
Then, we have the comments on the duration of the colour in this material. Its prolonged exposure to the sun can be a problem that is solvable at the same time if you avoid having it near windows or doors that are kept open frequently.
With regard to the stains, spilled drinks or accidents that always happen, the velvet furniture is usually grateful. If you quickly remove the residue with a clean towel you can easily pick it up without making a mess but do not even think about pressing to “absorb” liquid residues because you will make it adhere to the material more easily.

So, after realizing all these details, don’t you think it is still an excellent option to use classic velvet furniture?

Scroll down and take inspiration from current spaces and recommendations that have used velvet furniture and have achieved fancy results in their home spaces. Be creative and daring!

Velvet furniture to have a "Fancy Space"
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So much love from our Boston Terrier ?

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Velvet furniture to have a "Fancy Space"
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Velvet furniture to have a "Fancy Space"
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Velvet furniture to have a "Fancy Space"
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Velvet furniture to have a "Fancy Space"
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Velvet furniture to have a "Fancy Space"
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