Mother-daughter duo Lucy and Emma Vaughan of Vaughan journeyed around the world to absorb inspiration and collect textiles to produce their very first collection together – The Tribal Collection. In an article originally seen on GoDesignGo, we learn more about the collection’s offerings and the inspiration behind the designs.

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The collection offers an array of lampshades, pillows and chairs that were inspired by cultures and artisans the Vaughans encountered in their travels, with some of their Vaughan archival prints sprinkled in. Upon the birth of the collection, Lucy and daughter, Emma Vaughan came to realize that the collection was less about putting out pretty fabrics and more about honoring and telling the stories of tribes around the world.

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“It started with just Emma and me looking back through the fabrics we’ve accumulated through the years. It really came about like our tribe of the Vaughan family. It has a lot to do with relationships. It’s that whole thing about being a human tribe,” Lucy Vaughan said. The variety of printed Vaughan products reflects the numerous stories to tell in this world. Lucy and Emma had the dedication to discover them. “Both of us love textiles and digging around antique shops to find hidden gems,” said Lucy.

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So when Lucy and Emma set out to India this past February, they found their collection’s focus. “We met with hand block printers, who have been in their craft for generations upon generations. [Sourcing] Jeweled colors, delicately embroidered cotton, and centuries-old craftwork formed a significant part of our time there. The fabrics we found were a perfect fit for our vision of lampshades, cushions and chairs. What we had to set out to achieve was to add an injection of color into our Vaughan showrooms, and the fabrics we found allowed us to do just that!”

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The Vaughans are hoping to create a special showroom shopping experience with this collection since most of the handcrafted items on display are incredibly distinct from one another and ready to sell. Vaughan’s Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Christine Haney offered a new perspective to shopping the collection. “The idea of a one-of-a-kind, limited edition items speaks to peoples need for customization. They’re not going to be just like their neighbor. This concept creates the urgency to buy the item and it satisfies the purchase,” said Haney.

The meaning behind the collection is extensive; Lucy and Emma Vaughan believe in the importance of togetherness and are hoping to include and highlight those who don’t necessarily have the same platform.

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“The message is simultaneously a recognition of Vaughan’s past, the tribe who have been with us since the start while also a nod to the direction we now wish to take,” Lucy said, “We want to make a difference on a global scale, helping others from the ground up, and one of the best ways we can do that is by supporting local economies.” Lucy and Emma both seemed overjoyed with the end result and their experience working together. “This is the first of what I hope to be many collaborations together,” Lucy said.

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