Outdoor orchids, colorful and fragrant, for a wonderful garden

Vanda Coerulea (“blue orchid”) is a popular outdoor orchid, not only for its beautiful appearance but also for its pleasant scent. This orchid is native to the forests of India, Thailand and Myanmar, but it now also grows in many other countries. Vanda Coerulea can be found quite easily in nurseries, but it needs special care to grow well.

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One of the most beautiful outdoor orchids is the Vanda Coerulea. The orchid is a plant that is usually given as a gift at special events, such as birthdays, baptisms and weddings. Its unique appearance makes it a very popular and collector’s item. The Vanda Coerulea is blue, medium in size and has a very strong stem.

For optimal cultivation of this type of orchid, it should be placed in hanging wooden baskets and exposed to sunlight. The flowers are large and come in erect axillary racemes up to 40 cm. Vanda Coerulea flowers twice a year and usually likes high temperatures.

The Vanda thrives in ventilated areas, as the wind maintains the shape of the leaves, which could otherwise be damaged by excessive heat.

Vanda coerulea: cultivation tips

As already mentioned, Vanda Coerulea should be grown in hanging wooden baskets. This species knows how to adapt to different conditions, even if the temperature it prefers is cool at night and warm during the day. At night, it’s best to keep it indoors, especially if the temperature drops several degrees, while during the day it can’t stay below 25 °.

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The Vanda Coerulea likes sunlight, but not direct light. The substrate to be used should be well drained and light. The soil should be made of bark. For repotting, we recommend the end of the vegetative period.

How to take care of Vanda coerulea

Vanda Coerulea is a perennial orchid that is very resistant to diseases and pests. It should be watered a lot in the summer and fertilized abundantly in the spring. During the growing season, however, it should be watered very little. To propagate this type of orchid, you can use the side shoots of the plant. These should be placed in a container with a suitable substrate.

The beauty of Vanda Coerulea is indisputable, and she is also able to maintain the right level of humidity in the air. Vanda Coerulea blooms in summer and fall, and some species of orchids have highly fragrant flowers in colors ranging from blue to green.

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Vanda Coerulea is a very beautiful type of orchid with beautiful blue flowers. It should be grown in hanging wooden baskets and likes sunlight, but not direct sunlight. It is a perennial orchid that is resistant to disease and pests. Vanda Coerulea blooms in summer and fall and its flowers are large and fragrant.










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