The Internet has already gone mad with projects for Valentines and I felt like getting on a late night train.
As you know (or maybe not), the day of St.Valentine is a merry celebration in our household because my daughter Eva happens to be born on the day. We love to have a project or two made to mark the occasion but nothing spectacular, because it is mainly a birthday celebration.
This year there were many lovely projects I saw shared and this is just a small selection I chose for my and your inspiration.
Let us start with these absolutely adorable fabric envelopes. They are perfect stash busterers and a wonderful gift not only to give to others but keep for yourself 🙂
I also loved these cute little treat bags which, after eating the treats, the recipient could use for treasuring trinkets. I would keep my crochet rings in these; just saying.
I have always been a sucker for pop up cards and this caught up my eye immediately. Doesn’t require exquisite skills, and Lisa has the templates ready, so we just have to print, cut and glue. Onto the next one.
I am actually planning to make these for Eva but as a birthday card.
She does light my fire with her tantrums; we do fit – she was a tenant in my belly for 9 months, she fitted there perfectly; we are a perfect match when it comes to crafty ideas, although we have different styles and lastly she is my firstborn and will always be the princess of my heart.

A fantastic project to make – bath bombs. You can make these just for yourself or give to your girlfriends. They will surely appreciate them. I am sure my mom would go crazy about these.
Although it says wedding Mason jars, these are just perfect to decorate your home for Valentines and I love that they are made out of felt with a touch of twine. Lovely, aren’t they?
Now something for the sweet toothers here.
This  is a catchy idea. To fill match boxes with something sweet and make the perfect match. Too matchy-matchy for you? I don’ think so 😉
Now, we have a box of another kind. What do you say? So sweet….
Ok. Let’s get down with some serious stuff. The trifle looks mouth watering and you can satisfy your cravings – here’s the recipe.
 I couldn’t leave out this delicious looking Pink Lemonade Cheesecake Parfait. Especially not with a name like that I couldn’t. This one has your juices going and the palate waiting to experience heaven.
This is all for today. Enjoy the selection!



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