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Me and Mr. Steel (that’s not really his name, but he’s a mechanical engineer and pretty fundamental in everything that I do so he became the Steel to my Stitch) have been together for a heck of a long time, so we don’t really bother with big, romantic gestures at Valentines.  Getting an hour, just with each other, for a windy walk along the beach while the in-laws look after the small ones, is the biggest treat we could ask for.  This is exactly what we managed to wrangle last year; we picked up shells and pretty bits of driftwood, and he bought me yarn from a little seaside town on the way home, it was blissful.  He then fashioned a handle for a crochet hook for me from some of the driftwood, and now I think of him whenever I use it.  (I know, it’s sickeningly adorable).

Seashells and crochet hook

Handmade crochet hook

My gift to him was suitably Stitchy. He loves jelly sweets, so I dutifully headed out to buy ALL of his favourite ones, and then wanted to make a special tin to give him to them in.  I emptied out a tin of golden syrup, crocheted a plain sleeve to wrap it in, and then cross stitched a rose design into it using the lovely, subtle shades from the Milla Mia merino range. I thought I’d share the pattern for what I made with you too, and if you don’t have a special someone to make it for, then I fully advocate making it for yourself and using it to keep your hooks in (it’s what I now do with mine, ahem, his!)

Crochet hook and heart

You will need

  • Empty tin or jar
  • White yarn and suitable sized hook
  • Pinks and green yarns and suitable sized yarn needle
  • (I used Milla Mia DK merino in shades:

Handmade tin

Step 1. Make a chain long enough to wrap around your container.

Step 2. Work rows of single (US)/ double (UK) crochet, side to side, until it fits the height of you container.

Step 3. Using the holes made by each crochet stitch, cross stitch the design onto the sleeve.

Step 4. Wrap sleeve around your container and sew the edges together.

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