Up-Chair from Tonon

Designed by Martin Ballendat for Italian manufacturers Tonon, the Up-Chair was updated to a sleeker, more attractive version. This is how design evolves. One chair at a time. Besides offering a comfortable physical touch, its shape and manufacturing story inspires anyone to improve on what exists. From the older aluminum-cast version to this elegant wood or leather version, the manufacturing process and design work only got better. So now the Up-Chair made in Italy provokes you to take a seat and try on the shape, the textures, the size.

“Up-Chair from Tonon is an extremely emotional product. The comfort is also achieved through the use of an innovative manufacturing process of the shell,” designers reveal.

Up-Chair from Tonon (1)

A chair that seems cut in American walnut decorates even an empty room. Following the contours of the design, it completed by innovative armrests in American walnut.

“The material is called FREEFORM ADVANCED, an integral solid-coloured foam, whose molecular structure is very stable and partly self-supporting, that means more flexibility and more comfort as well as lightness to the chair. The shell is available in 10 fresh colors, the metal base is available both matte or polished chrome finish.”

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