The Spring is slowly approaching in London so for me it is time to get to gardening after a along cold boring season…
Yes, despite the latest rainy, windy days which I did not predict when all of us felt the warm breeze only a week ago and when I bought few vegetable plants and some pot flowers… damn :/

I have been gardening for only two years and  I can say this is the place I can totally relax and forget about the whole world, when the sun shines 🙂
This season we are trying to make more space for planting some vegetables, more herbs and flowers which I so adore.
We would love to maintain the garden in sustainable way again, as much as we can.
The plan is to keep the cost low or without spending any money at all.
Of course 
we will have to buy the seeds, new plants and extra soil , the rest is in our hands 😉

Today I am passing a simple little idea for up cycling old plastic bottles and turn them into hanging plant pots.
I am having enough of our boring fence so I spontaneously thought about using bottles .
They’re easy to cut and handle.
I have found only two bottles at home 🙂
We don’t really buy much of a drinks in plastic so I decided to check our lovely neighbours rubbish 😛
three more bottles!
I hope they wouldn’t mind 🙂

Lets have a look how I did it.

This are little flowers I use for my pots.

And this is how it was done by firstly cutting the bottle.
Then I use some cotton thread to make it prettier.
I make two holes, wrapped the bottle with a different thread again and use the holes to put the tread through and hang the bottle-pot.
This can be s
implified and done in many ways I guess.
It’s all up to you 🙂    

For the drainage make some hole in a screw top using a large nail or something sharp!


I use S-hooks to hang pots by pushing hooks in between the fence boards, screw hooks can be use too.

Here with the plants 🙂

Little mess on the right under the worktable is awaiting a next project.
Nothing is waisted here 😉

Within next few days I added few more bottle-pots and  I may keep adding, it’s so addictive!

We now have to wait for better dry weather condition to keep up with our new ideas 😉