Unique Spiritual Woodland Wedding With Crystals

Unique Spiritual Woodland Wedding With Crystals

If you are interested in spirituality, this is the wedding for you. Felix and Jack’s delightful woodland wedding, held in the garden of their family home, was inspired and led by their spirituality, with numerous rituals taking center stage.

The bride was wearing a gorgeous princess-style off the shoulder wedding dress with floral appliques, heavy embellishments and a corset. Her hairpiece was a whimsy one with a veil. The groom was wearing pants, a shirt, a pink tie and a waistcoat with a floral print back. The bridesmaids were wearing the same forest green maxi gowns.

The couple was inspired by their belief that all things are connected, and energies are much more profound when shared collectively. Upon arrival, the guests took part in a sage purification ceremony to rid themselves of any negative energies. The ceremony involved walking through the billowing smoke of burning sage smudge stick, then balancing the masculine/yang aspect of that exercise by passing through the feminine/yin aspect of incense. Clapping or ringing a bell between the two produces a total cleansing effect.

Afterwards, the guests were also encouraged to add a crystal or gemstone to the altar, which contained crystal grids, photographs of the couple, calming incense and sahasrara candles to encourage oneness. Crystals, geodes and geometric designs were present in all aspects of the day, right from the very start with the 14 layer geode invites Felix’s mum made to their geode cake.

The couple really got their family involved in the day, with Felix’s mum planning and coordinating and Felix’s older brother as the officiant, Felix’s bridesmaids also made all of the bouquets and boutonnieres. Get inspired by fantastic pics of this unique wedding below!

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