Front of unique cliffside home
GilBartolome Architects created this contemporary residence on an extremely challenging plot in Granada, Spain overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. The aptly named, House on the Cliff, is literally built into the hillside with a 42-degree incline.

Its striking metallic roof produces “an aesthetic ambiguity between the natural and the artificial, between the skin of a dragon set in the ground when seen from below, and the waves of the sea when seen from above,” the architects said. The undulating facade is pierced by glass “eyes” to add to the visual effect of this unique cliffside home.

Close-up shot of dragon-eye windows

Built on a tight budget, this dwelling is the result of many hours of manual labor rather than machine-made construction. Workers gradually developed the concrete roof, metal tiles and gypsum plaster ceilings, and all of the furniture was made completely by hand from digital models.

The interior features a large open space — enough to accommodate up to 70 guests — with wavy ceilings and organic shapes throughout; it’s tiered construction resembles that of an auditorium. This social room connects with the large outdoor terrace by opening glass sliding panels.

 [Photography: Jesus Granada]

Side incline of cliffside homeSide interior of cliffside homeAuditorium room with lighting Interior at night with lighting and wavy ceilingRoof curve at nightAerial view of glass balconiesView of sea from glass balconyBird's eye view blueprint Transverse blueprintBlueprint with house and hillside

What’s the most interesting element to this unusual cliffside home?

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