We don’t do wallpaper a lot, but a bathroom is a great place to do it. It works well in smaller spaces, especially if the space is for kids! We chose a neutral pattern that’s whimisical, but mature, so it will grow with the children. 


We used a lot of brass in this space. We have it in the mirrors, on the bottom of the planter, and in the soap set, so we contrasted it with a polished nickel sconce, faucet and hardware. 


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StudioMcGeePowderBathroom5.jpg  Rockport Towel  +  Marie Collection  

Rockport Towel + Marie Collection 

  Rockport Towel  +  Caravan Basket

Rockport Towel + Caravan Basket


As you can see, we didn’t have a ton of space in this powder bath, so we chose winning pieces that would stand out. We started with a cool sconce that matches with the sink, but broke it up with a simple black mirror. It’s a combination that’s bold, without being too much. We threw in a Milulu Basket because it’s handy for storage and offers some pattern!





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