I love to see creative solutions for small layouts and I think this beautiful turn of the century Swedish apartment is such a great example of this. The kitchen and bedroom used to be one single room, which was split up into two, to be able to make better use of the space. Since the kitchen wouldn’t have any natural light coming in, the top part of the dividing wall has been made out of glass, which lets in natural light from the bedroom window. I think this is such a lovely solution and I love the way the black window frames add contrast to the soft grey look on the bedroom side and at the same time add an industrial touch to the kitchen side which has been fitted with steel open shelving and a natural beige stone countertop.

A great feature of these old homes are of course the doors, which in this case have been left unpainted and I think they add so much to the clean and simple interior of both the living room and bedroom.

via Alvhem

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