Tufted furniture never really goes out of style. In fact it’s pretty popular these days, making a powerful comeback. Usually we associate this style with iconic pieces of furniture such as the Chesterfield sofa. Although its origins are pretty much a mystery, the sofa is a classic. Its low back, curved arms with the same height as the backrest and deep tufting made it very popular and inspired a lot of other designs created over the years. The original model was a velvet tufted sofa with lots of variations created afterwards.

Tufted sofas have this glamorous, Hollywood-inspired look that makes them timeless. They almost always double as focal points in living rooms, offices or other types of spaces and they’re characterized by a sculptural and rich look which doesn’t need strong colors or special materials and patterns to stand out. Of course, it’s entirely possible to think outside the box and to make the most of a tufted sofa in an unusual and unconventional way.

A tufted leather sofa can look glamorous and elegant in pretty much any setting
A lot of modern interpretations of classical tufted sofas are available worldwide
The smooth curves and soft lines combined with the tufts give this furniture set a very cozy look
If you’re going for a more formal look, consider a leather tufted sofa instead of a fabric one
Inspired by the iconic Chesterfield sofa, this model has a sleek and modern appeal
Tufted sofas are easy to pair with simple and classical armchairs and with natural materils

The tufted look is achieved by threading through layers of fabric or leather. Often a pattern is created. The ends of the thread are secured with knots or with buttons and the pattern resulted has these clusters called tufts. Of course, as you probably know, there are several types of tufting which you can choose from for your tufted sofa, ottoman or headboard.

The tufts sweeten the clean lines and elongated form of this sofa, giving it a comfortable appearance
Not all tufted sofas are characterized by classical, repetitive patterns. Some are a bit more artistic
This is quite the aristocratic sofa and the matching table emphasizes its refined allure
This is the biscuit tufting pattern and, as you can see, it has a clean and contemporary look
Certain types of tufting are more suitable for specific styles so make sure you find a good match
In certain environments, a tufted sofa can look quite casual. It depends on the style and materials used
This sofa would look interesting even without the tufting, although this makes it stand out more
Not all sofas have that deep tufting inspired by the Chesterfield design. Some are shallow and more casual
In some cases combinations of tufting designs can be created like this biscuit-button combo
You can use a tufted sofa as an anchor point for the living room, turning it into a focal point
Tufted sofas and furniture in general are pretty sculptural so they don’t need color to stand out
The shallow tufting in this case is merely a decorative detail for this simple and casual sofa

The diamond tufting technique is the most common, most popular but also most traditional. Of course, it has its charm and it’s always a safe choice if you want to create a classical and refined decor. At the same time, sofas with diamond tufting or tufted headboard designs that feature this pattern have this romantic look that you just can’t ignore. It’s a look inspired by the iconic and classical nature of this design and tufting technique.

Similarly, the tufting emphasized the geometry and simplicity of this sofa, allowing it to look less monotonous
Tufted sofas are rarely uncomfortable. They’re usually extremely cozy
The tufting creates this interesting play of light and shadow highlighted by the strong colors
The timelessness and versatility of tufted furniture constantly inspired new designs to be created
You can mix and match different types of sofas or chairs and allow them to complement other
This is a special type of tufting, the type that looks beautiful in modern and contemporary spaces

Biscuit tufting, although quite similar to diamond tufting, is not as traditional. In fact, it’s a popular choice for contemporary spaces and decors. You can easily recognize it by the square pattern. Then there’s also button tufting, another classical and popular type. It has a chic and tailored look and it suits traditional settings, although it can also adapt well to more modern decors. The blind tufting is very much the same but without the buttons. It looks sleek and modern and it’s quite versatile.

The rare tufts on these sofas are decorative and meant to balance out their simplicity
With button tufting, the buttons can either match the upholstery or they can be in a contrasting color

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