Trying Croatian Food in Split, Croatia

Trying Croatian Food in Split, Croatia

Come join us we try Croatian Food at a local restaurant (Konoba Fetivi) specializing in seafood dishes, risotto and mediterranean cuisine. It has often been our experience that the best recommendations for restaurants and foods worth trying in a new destination are from locals, so we were thrilled when our airbnb host recommended we try seafood and risotto at Konoba Fetivi. Overall, we ended up ordering quite a bit for our lunch in Croatia:

1) Local red wine
2) Pipi (Croatian orange soda)
3) Fried shrimp with lemon juice
4) Black risotto cuttlefish
5) White cheese risotto
6) Apple strudel but we wanted to try Rožata
7) Fig liqueur (local Croatian drink)

Restaurant in Split, Croatia Information:

Konoba Fetivi Restaurant
Address: Ul. Tomića stine 4, 21000, Split, Croatia
Hours: Tuesday to Sunday 12-11PM & closed on Monday
Phone: +385 21 355 152

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Trying Croatian Food in Split, Croatia Travel Video Transcript:

Alright guys so it is lunchtime here in Split. We just arrived yesterday and we were asking our airbnb host for recommendations for her favorite restaurants and this was one place she mentioned for seafood. It is called Konoba Fetivi. We’ve just arrived like as soon as they opened we were by the door. It has got a great little courtyard. This is maybe is this our first meal outside in a courtyard in 2018? It is finally warm enough. Just barely. Borderline. I still have my coat over my shoulders. It is like low teens. We’ve got some sunshine and blue skies. It feels rustic. We’re going to enjoy some seafood.

Tell me about the drink you got. The name caught my attention. Pipi. Our waiter said it is like the Croatian fanta but even better. Better than fanta. And I have to agree. I had a sip too. I had a sip already. It is more juicy. It is like more fruity.

They have just brought out yeah all of the food. This is our appetizer. We got the fried shrimp and I love how they serve it.

This is a tile. This is like a tile off of a roof. Oh wow, that is what it is? That is the best. My house in South America used to have tiles like this.

Just some brown paper and then our shrimp. We doused it in lemon juice too. Perfect with lemon. A little bit of course sea salt on top.

We are going to move on to the risotto even though we have lots of shrimp to work with.

Okay now try the black one too. And I’ll eat some of the black risotto. Some of the cuttlefish. Black squid ink. We’ve got some little shrimp, black pepper it looks creamy.

You can taste a little bit of the white wine. I like how creamy it is. I like the taste of the cuttlefish.

So dessert time. Dessert time. Well guys we ended up going with apple strudel. I know it is not the most local thing. What was the one that we wanted to get but they didn’t have?

We wanted to try something called Rožata. Which is a local caramel pudding.

You can tell tonnes of apple in there.

Really good. Really juicy.

A little tipple. A little liquor. A little liquor and this is local date. Fig!

The color of your hair. And your moustache. And your beard. If you’ve ever had date or fig syrup. It has got that kind of taste and then potency of the alcohol. This is just a beautiful way to end off an awesome meal. Let’s enjoy that cake. And then I’ve got to do a lot of walking after to burn. To burn off all of these calories. It has been a big meal.

Finished that meal. Time to assess the damage. That was 343 Kuna or 46 Euros. Not the cheapest meal but my gosh that was delicious. So that included the two risottos. That included the shrimp appetizer. That included the wine and your soft drink. The dessert drink. And the dessert of course. Overall a fantastic meal. We absolutely love that place. If you guys come here you’ve got to check it out for sure.

This is part of our Travel in Croatia video series showcasing Croatian food, Croatian culture and Croatian cuisine.

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