By a show of hands, who hates thinking of summer work outfit ideas—especially when there’s a heat wave approaching? I’m guilty of just pulling out the same looks over and over, as I find the process of choosing something cooling and yet work-appropriate frankly exhausting (I blame it on the heat). I usually end up with something that means I avoid looking like I’m about to head into Love Island, but I do feel far too warm by midday. There are, of course, better ways to dress than this.

Simply by thinking about the kind of fit, cut and type of material my clothes are made of during the summer will make all the difference. So instead of just throwing on my too-warm straight-leg jeans with a white shirt, I could consider a pair of wide-leg jeans with a loose blouse and sandals. This is just one of many ideas I’ve nabbed from various Instagrammers who have warm weather dressing nailed.

From linen suits with Velcro sandals to smart summer dresses with strappy heels, as well as flowing co-ords and boilersuits, there are some brilliant ideas that are chic yet practical for your office attire. I’ve created an edit of the coolest outfits I’ve seen on Instagram as well as the best pieces to shop to re-create the looks too. Consider your “summer work outfits dilemma” solved.

Style Notes: A linen suit used to be a bit “dad on holiday being smart,” but it’s had quite the upgrade of late. Thanks to the likes of places like Marks and Spencer and Arket (not to mention that oversized tailoring is in), this ensemble is perfect for warmer weather. Pair with Velcro sandals for the full look.

Style Notes: A shirt dress is ideal for keeping out the heat. Opt for a version in cotton that is loose to ensure you stay cool. 

Style Notes: Just because it’s warm doesn’t mean you have to start stripping down. Wide-leg trousers and blouses that don’t stick to your body allow air to circulate (plus you don’t have to feel exposed).

Style Notes: If you really can’t bear to part with your blue jeans during the summer months, might we suggest opting for a pair of wide-leg versions for keeping cool? Wear with sandals and a loose blouse.

Style Notes: A red dress purchased for the summer can have many uses. Ideal for a wedding when worn with high heels but also practical for the office when paired with low heels or flats. 

Style Notes: Sure, you can’t wear a white suit to a wedding, but the beauty of this co-ord is that it will look super chic in the office. And if someone proposes and you want to get married pronto, you have a fail-safe super-chic bridal look. 

Style Notes: Want to do office wear the French way? Try white jeans, a carefully unbuttoned blue shirt and a black handbag. 

Style Notes: A boilersuit might be a little warm for the middle of summer, so make sure it has short sleeves and comes in linen or cotton. Wear with mules for the office and sandals for the beach. 

Style Notes: Depending on what your office dress code is like, a flowing co-ord might just work in a more relaxed place. 

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