Trust Me—I’m an Editor: How to Wear Neon and Not Look Like a Human Glow Stick

As fashion editors, unsurprisingly, we’re the go-to sources of information for our friends and family when it comes to anything style-related. Whether it’s a dress for a big date or simply the perfect white tee, we’ve addressed every question you could imagine. This inspired us to create a new series—Trust Me, I’m an Editor—that allows you, the reader, to get in on the action. What sartorial dilemmas are you facing right now? What problem can we apply our extensive shopping knowledge to? You can shoot us questions via Instagram or our Facebook shopping group, So… Should I Buy This? Use us—you know you want to.

When we first compiled our spring/ summer 2019 trend report, there was one I was certain our readers wouldn’t go near — neon. But it turns out this isn’t a trend that is staying within the Kardashian-Jenner family — as the most-asked question in our Instagram inbox this month is ‘how can I wear neon?’ If you’re Kylie Jenner, you’d wear as much as possible — her family has worn matching acid green swimsuits and she’s worn a traffic cone-orange dress, shoes and bag all at the same time. However it is possible to have a more subtle approach to neon, with a tiny flash of fluoro so you don’t look like a human glow stick.

Style Notes: Many of the Copenhagen-based fashion girls are wearing neon green roll necks under dresses, blazers and other knits, giving a slight nod to this fluoro trend.
Style Notes: Neon clothing can be pretty intense — but a fluoro beanie or scrunchie won’t make you feel like you’re a human glow stick. 
Style Notes: Ada’s pink neon blouse shows that when chosen wisely, neon hues can be surprisingly elegant. Pink is a much softer option than green or yellow.
Style Notes: A glow-in-the-dark handbag might not sound very appealing, however Prada and Shrimps have made neon top handle bags and clutches that will add a boost of energy to any look. Plus, you’ll never be asking ‘where did I put my handbag?’ again.
Style Notes: The easiest way to add a touch of neon to your outfits without spending a fortune is with an £8 manicure — Nails Inc is our favourite for these sharp, acid colours.