Sometimes we have certain outfits that we love but have outlived their utility and have probably been seen so often that you are afraid that people will start recognizing it as the same dress you have seen several times. But at the same time, you do not want to part with the dress but you also want to bring new life into it. A simple thing to do is add a bit of trim to them to life and give them a new look. In fact using bits and pieces from your wedding dress as a trim can be one of the ways to reuse your wedding gown. This will ensure that all the lovely lace on your wedding gown does not go unused and this also makes another old outfit come to life again.




But not all trims need be of lace, it can be other things like a piece of contrasting fabric, a bit of ribbon or a fancy ruffle or even a few buttons or a patchwork from other dresses. While all of us may be able to afford the cost of buying and maintaining lilting and elaborate lace evening gowns, it is very much in our budgets to buy a bit of lace to add as a trim to a dress to make it look different and classy. Adding a bit of trim can be another way to work up to wearing creative contrast color dresses to keep you colorful. The idea of trim dresses is an attractive and smart choice due to many factors.




Here are some of the choices you have when it comes to trim dresses:

Satin trim: You can add a trim of satin strips of the same color as the dress to a dress in satin to create a subtle and textural look that can make a dress look interesting without going overboard. Usually this sort of trim is made slightly above the hem and if needed at the waist, the edge of the sleeves and the neck.




Border trim with lace: Adding a lace trim as the border to a dress at the hemline creates an illusion of length without making it look too cumbersome. It also ensures that the onlooker gets tantalizing glimpses of the skin beneath through the lace.




Trim in the middle: This may take some skill to do as we are talking about having a bit of crochet or lace in the middle of the dress. It means carefully incorporating the trim in the middle of the hem or the sleeves. It will take the skills of a good seamstress to get this done.




Faux fur trim: This can be a fun way to bring a dress to life and can create a kind of retro charm that is awesome for certain occasions. You can go with a contrasting colored faux fur or the faux fur of the same color.




Contrast trim: Some colors look even better when they have a tiny bit of contrast somewhere. This option is good when you want to go for a plain colored fabric without prints but still want to make it look interesting. Just add a bit contrasting trim to see how good it looks.



Same color trim: Same color trim creates a nice texture without making it too complicated. It makes the dress look good when you use a different fabric to add the trim instead of the same fabric.



Fancy trims: This can be in the form of printed cloth, tassels, crocheted bits and pieces or some such things.



Do let us know which options you like the best.

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