Is anyone in the mood for some pineapple? This sweet tropical food inspires us everyday and we’re not talking about food. We’re interested in its effect on anything interior design-related. You’d be surprised how many variations of pineapple decor there are and we’ve only started to dig into this idea. If you love pineapple as much as we do, let it inspire your home decor and put it on your walls and shelves rather than on pizza.

You can find wallpaper with just about any print, including pineapple. In fact, there are many different variations of pineapple wallpaper and this is one of them. You could use it to cover the walls of your dining room or kitchen.

Surprisingly, pineapple wallpaper also looks great in bathrooms. Check out this elegant print. It goes well with the eclectic decor of the powder room and it brings a little bit of color and playfulness into the space without being too striking.

This pineapple wallpaper is bold and eye-catching and it makes the bathroom look really cozy. The black background matches the tub and the actual print has a somewhat traditional look.

The cool thing about pineapple wallpaper is that it stands out and gives spaces an unexpected look. This white and blue variation looks fresh and stylish, giving the powder room a lot of character.

In case you were wondering how you could integrate pineapple wallpaper in the bedroom, this can be your answer. the black backdrop is in sync with the door and the bed frame, giving the room a cozy and relaxing look.

You can do just about anything with a pineapple stencil. For example, you can customize your windows. Use frosted glass spray paint and it should be an easy project or you can order this print from window manufacturers.

Pineapples look right at home in kitchens but even so it’s a bit unexpected to see them in the form of decorations in here. We like how these golden pineapples match the hardware on the cabinets and how they add an elegant touch to the space.

Did you know there are lamps with bases shaped like pineapples? It actually makes sense, given the shape of the fruit. If you try hard you might even find a chandelier that follows the same tropical theme.

There’s a small pineapple on this front door and it looks really cute. It’s a cool idea for a custom door-knocker but this could also just be a simple ornament with no other function. We like this combination of red and gold in particular but others could look great too.

Continuing with more pineapple-inspird decorations, we came across these funky-looking candle holders. They could look interesting in any area but somehow they seem to fit nicely in this dining room – kitchen combo space.

There are even ways to integrate pineapples in the design of the garden. Check out these quirky posts. Their role is to be eye-catching and their form makes that very easy.

DIY pineapple projects

Given how unusual the theme is, it can be difficult to find actual pineapple decorations in stores which means it’s actually easier to craft the thing you want yourself. We have a bunch of cool projects you could try, like these air-plant holders shaped like pineapples. You can make them using some balsa wood and napkin rings. You’ll also need a hot glue gun and a wood burner. Check out Alwaysrooney for more details on this.

These plaster bookends are also shaped like pineapples. Actually, each of them is half of a pineapple. To make them you need to make a mold and you can shape that out of silicone. Once you have the mold, use a plaster mixture to make the actual bookend. You can use this tutorial with any forms you want so get creative. The pineapple is just the start.

How about some pineapple wall art? It can be a fun weekend project and you don’t need much for it in terms of materials. The project starts with a blank canvas why you need to paint with a base color. Then add a second contrasting color. Let it dry and you can start crafting the pineapple out of  quilling paper.

This pineapple planter is really cute as well and we love the pairing with the aloe plant…it’s a perfect match. If you’d like to make your own pineapple planters, use air dry clay. you’ll need a roller and a cutter as well as a small planter. You need to shape the clay into a rectangle and then to make the criss-cross pattern on it. After that, mold it around the planter.

Like we said once before, you can make a lot of cool things using a pineapple stencil. You can even give an old piece of furniture a makeover. Check out this side and its stylish new look. It has golden pineapple accents and it looks very chic. You could do the same thing for an old nightstand or cabinet. You can find all the details on pillarboxblue.

Give a simple pendant lamp a makeover and turn it into a pineapple. The idea is simple. You’d be using leather strips to decorate the socket and it would really help if the lampshade has a suitable form so it looks more realistic. It might also be cool if the lampshade had a yellow tint…in case you want to also add some color to the decor as well. {found on monsterscircus}

Isn’t this pineapple pillow adorable? It looks lovely and you can make it for your own home or as a gift for someone else. It’s a project that requires some special skills so it would definitely help if you already knew how to knit and how to use a crochet. In any case, you can find a few extra details about this on littlethingsblogged.

Creativity knows no limits and even something as specific as a pineapple can be a source of inspiration for an infinite number of projects. One of these is the neon pineapple sign that we found on weregoingtomakeit. It’s a super simple project for which you only need a piece of plywood, a drill and some neon-colored wire, cord or twine.

You can take things a step further and make some candles that even smell like pineapple. You’ll need some pineapple fragrance oil for that. Make the candles is the first step. The diea is to put them in small jars and to decorate the lids with felt leaves so they look like stems. Together, the jar and the lid will resemble a cute pineapple. This is all described in detail on happinessishomemade.

We’ll end the list with a cute project for the office. It refers to pencil holders. The idea is to simply decorate the pencil holder with a pineapple ornament which you can make our of construction paper. This is such an easy project that even kids could do it. Here’s what you need to do it: tin cans (or an actual pencil holder), construction paper, paint, some cardboard and a glue gun. {found on fancymomma}.

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