Women after 30 years look extremely good and there is a simple explanation. This is the age when she already knows all their strengths and weaknesses, gone are the youth centers and self-doubt. The time when natural beauty is revealed fully because pay attention to their image of a woman well versed in what clothes and makeup to choose. Her face lit with a Sunny smile and stylish hair Shine with perfection.

Модные прически для женщин за 30 лет 2019 фотоМодные прически для женщин за 30 лет 2019 фото

Woman of thirty is not afraid to change and experiment with the appearance, trying on the most spectacular and vivid images. First and foremost, it concerns hairstyles. Not necessarily the old-fashioned way to wear long hair. But, if our contemporaries long thick well-groomed hair, then let it continue catches the mesmerizing views of passing men. Because the problem is not the length of the hair, and their condition and the hairstyle we choose, guided not by the desire and fashion, and depending on the shape of the face. Through proper selection of the styling and haircuts, you can emphasize the dignity and hide flaws.

You should avoid hairstyles for women over 30 years of 2019

If you’re over 30, forget about:

    Monochrome painting – all the hair naturally have two or three shades that give the sun a healthy overflow. Refer to the colorist — master will give hair extra texture. Contrast hair – his hair could be much lighter and darker skin that does not spoil the appearance. After 30 years the situation has changed – contrasting hair color attracts undue attention to the skin. Use colors that are one or two tones darker or lighter natural hair color. Discard ultra short bangs defiantly worth it to look like in twenty and 30 years and those more than 35 years, you need to look luxurious! Want an original haircut? You should choose hairstyles asymmetrical, but not too short bangs.

Модные прически для женщин за 30 лет 2019 фото

    Be careful with the dimensions — the best option for women over thirty is considered to be the average length of hair. Very long and excessively short hair is only thin women with regular features. After 30 years most of the women cease to use cheap cosmetics. The transition to expensive shampoos and conditioners, effective masks and glitter-antistatic agents make hair manageable. The deep color of hair, obtained in the cabin, is stored 3 times longer. The styling is holding up better so you can afford a complicated haircut.

Trendy hairstyles for short hair for women over 30 years of 2019

Such short haircuts after 30 will radically change the image, but at the same time require beautiful cheekbones and the correct oval of the face. Haircut boy should do beauties with delicate features and slight build. They are perfect for women who do not have time for long treatments for hair, adding volume. If you are dynamic, flexible, short haircuts will be your suitable solution.

Be prepared that making this haircut, you will focus on the face and highlight eyes and lips. Among the most popular short haircuts after 30 years we can mention:


Have this haircut, there are several variations, adult ladies should pay attention to the one that involves bangs, combed to the side. Side parting in combination with asymmetrical bangs and flawless lines of pixie distract attention from middle-aged face and add femininity. Styling bangs to the side if necessary, can correct the shape of the face, pulling her to normal. This option is perfect for owners of thin hair, as with the concept of haircuts curls visually thicken. Pixie is appropriate and direct, and moderately curly hair.

Модные прически для женщин за 30 лет 2019 фото

It is important that this haircut is not contraindicated for women and full of the owners of round face shape.


There are hairstyles that are in some magical, unexplained way greatly reduce age factor. The caret in this case is performed in the classical manner, with bangs or without. Straight or straightened hair, looks good cropped square with elegant clean lines. Whether you are blonde, brunette, redhead or blonde, choosing the caret, remember this hairstyle looks dazzling. Stylists recommend to Supplement the master cropped, thick bangs, it creates a certain elegant look.

Модные прически для женщин за 30 лет 2019 фото

By the way, the shape and length of the bangs is not basic! If nature endowed you with curly or slightly wavy hair, this does not mean that you should turn away from any haircuts. For example, rack a versatile hairstyle that will not only fit You, but will also create an attractive image. The same applies to those who wish to give your hair more volume. Cute seductive curls or waves will look attractive.

Модные прически для женщин за 30 лет 2019 фото


Haircuts of this type are at their peak of glory, though, and require frequent trips to the beauty salon. Cap (classic or asymmetric) rejuvenates women and looks very neat. Let this hairstyle can women with triangular, oval or square shaped face. Not to be monotonous and to vary their own style, you can choose among available interesting interpretations trendy haircuts cap. They differ by adding detail, for example bangs, «feet» at the back, asymmetric length, add layers.

Модные прически для женщин за 30 лет 2019 фото

All this and more will help you become irresistible elegant lady with a stylish haircut. And to understand how to look for these hairstyles, check out a detailed description of each of them on.

Trendy hairstyles for long hair for women over 30 years of 2019

Long hair will suit women who love experimenting with style, because such hair, there are many possibilities both for day and evening hairstyles.

Long hair can be worn perfectly straight, curls frizz to make an easy chemistry or experiment with the weave. Long hair allow you to make a business of styling: beams, shells, tails, which will highlight your seriousness and professionalism. Among the most popular long haircuts after 30 years we can mention:


Haircut cascade does not require much effort and much time for styling. With this haircut you can visually make your hair more voluminous. Cascade looks great on hair of different lengths and is ideal for women over the age of 30, if they prefer to wear flowing hair. This hairstyle is appropriate for any occasion: for work trips and business meetings.

Модные прически для женщин за 30 лет 2019 фото


Haircut ladder is a smooth transition of the strands, ranging from the short, open, and ending the longest, which usually reach the line of the shoulders. Haircut ladder looks especially beautiful on long hair. This haircut is very popular among women over 30 years old with thick hair. With this hairstyle you can adjust the oval face, because the hair helps to hide areas of the face laterally.

Модные прически для женщин за 30 лет 2019 фото

Asymmetric curls

Asymmetrical long curls – a favourite hairstyle of the leading stylists in the season 2019 for women over 30. Haircuts for long hair reveal to them the limitless possibilities for the realization of the most unexpected ideas and honing fashionable elements in the art of hairdressing. Long graduated asymmetry looks feminine, effectively, boldly and naturally.

Модные прически для женщин за 30 лет 2019 фото

In the 2019 season for mullets, there are no boundaries: they can be long or smooth, with short bangs or without, with shaved temples or asymmetrical strands. Fashionable long hairstyles for women over 30 very diverse, so any woman will be able to choose an image, revealing its personality.

Hairstyles with bangs for women over 30 years of 2019

With hairstyles with bangs, you can disguise some age-related changes, to give the hair perfection, sophistication, elegance. For women older than 30 years suitable several options for bangs:

    Asymmetrical bangs – gives the image a certain mystery and mystique, and will also help cover the first wrinkles on the forehead. Such bangs can be supplemented with short haircuts, rack, cascade and many others. Thick bangs – and it looks perfect on long hair as loose, and gathered in a bun or a bun. Perfect for women over 30, especially if they prefer to wear a fairly strict hairstyles.

Модные прически для женщин за 30 лет 2019 фото

    Ragged bangs for women over 30 years need to carefully choose the length of this bangs because of the extravagant short is somewhat inappropriate. Through ragged bangs can complement a haircut cascade or ladder, it is also possible to combine with four of a kind or a Bob haircut.

Модные прически для женщин за 30 лет 2019 фото

Tips from experienced stylists for women over 30 years

    Hairstyle after 30 is obliged to molodit and to hide the real age, but because the color strands in any light color; the Wrinkles around the eyes hide bangs below the eyebrows; Choose the option that will bring the type face to oval; Maintain the form of the cut with wax and gel. Don’t forget about to style her hair to look neat and well-groomed; Grooming needs to fit your lifestyle and temperament; note the nose or snub good «combined with» slicked back hair, and you can hide a thick fringe to eyebrows; face with small features are perfect curls; the Short neck recommended triangular edging.


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