With the rise of so many bridesmaid dresses, it may come as a challenge to narrow it down to pick the perfect style that fits your girls. With Sorella Vita’s beautiful collection, there are so many designs and over 30 colors to choose from! Did you know Sorella Vita was the pioneer of sequined bridesmaid dresses? From stunning sequins to luxe double knit fabrics, this collection has something for every bridal party whether you’re looking for boho chic vibes or full on glamour. Mix and match different colors or fabrics for a cohesive look that lends flexibility to meet the individual taste of each bridesmaid.

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We love the idea of mixing colors and fabrics! It elevates the level of style and sophistication while painting a beautiful picture.

Sorella-vita-bridesmaid-dresses-4-030417mcStyle: 8824, Style: 8736 and Style: 8872Sorella-vita-bridesmaid-dresses-5-030417mcStyle: 8746 and Style: 8872Sorella-vita-bridesmaid-dresses-6-030417mcStyle: 8922Sorella-vita-bridesmaid-dresses-7-030417mcStyle: 8826Sorella-vita-bridesmaid-dresses-8-030417mcStyle: 8834Sorella-vita-bridesmaid-dresses-9-030417mcStyle: 8736

Business in the front, party in the back! In contrast to the modest front, the back of this bridesmaid dress showcases a plunging, cowl back – a completely unexpected and glamorous detail. Perfect for the high-end wedding of your dreams.

Sorella-vita-bridesmaid-dresses-10-030417mcStyle: 8880Sorella-vita-bridesmaid-dresses-11-030417mcStyle: 8686Sorella-vita-bridesmaid-dresses-12-030417mcStyle: 8472Sorella-vita-bridesmaid-dresses-13-030417mcStyle: 8614Sorella-vita-bridesmaid-dresses-14-030417mcStyle: 8718Sorella-vita-bridesmaid-dresses-15-030417mcStyle: 8798

We love the matte sequined gowns for glamour and Sorella Vita’s gorgeous new burgundy color for a splash of romance. The high-necklines add a beautiful sophistication that’s contrasted by a little surprise in the back. With all the variety of options to choose from, it’s no wonder Sorella Vita is a two-time winner of Bridesmaid Dress of the Year!

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