Tree Branch Christmas Display @themerrythoughtFor the last few years I’ve always had some kind of branch tree or as I like to call them, Charlie Brown tree displayed during the Christmas season. I blame my love for these kind of trees on my mother, who always tried to get a scraggly tree for our Christmas tree every year; while us kids always went for the biggest & fullest. Now the tables have turned and I’m the one trying to get a scraggly evergreen and my boys want a big, full tree. ? So I’ve just made my own little scraggly tree display each year and let the boys have their way with a more traditional tree. I’ve done different diplays over the years; for a couple years I had a large branch hanging above my kitchen table, sometimes I use a smaller branch in a vase or large bottle and I’ve had a more traditional looking “Charlie Brown tree” with some greenery on it. I like to use the branch tree for my favorite vintage ornaments. Last year the boys and I made clay ornaments together and it seemed to be a favorite activity for them, so this year’s branch includes a mix of handmade clay ornaments and vintage ornaments.
These branch trees are also perfect for those that want a smaller, less involved tree display. We made a family trek out to the woods and searched for our perfect “branch”. (Use fallen or dead branches). After a little “trimming” we put our branch in this large vintage glass jug my husband has had for years. (These are a similar style). We added our ornaments and set up a mini display to go with it. The whole experience can be just like going to get a real tree!Tree Branch Christmas Display @themerrythoughtChristmas Candle @themerrythoughtTree Branch Christmas Display @themerrythoughtTree Branch Christmas Display @themerrythoughtChristmas Candles @themerrythoughtAnyone else a fan of the scraggly tree displays? For more tree inspiration check out our DIY Tree Skirt Alternative, Simple Christmas Tree Display, Minimal Christmas Tree and DIY Plywood Christmas Tree!


Noble Fir Candle c/o Kindred Home Market | Felt Garland c/o West Elm (last year, similar) | Faux Sheepskin Rug – similar | Black Frame – Michaels