Travelling to Australia? 10 things you must know before you pack your bags…
Australia is the only country which is a continent by itself! Apart from being champions in sports like Rugby and Cricket, there is a bunch of other factors that makes it distinctive. Situated far in the eastern hemisphere, it is one country that garners much attention. With its vast variety of flora and fauna, it houses many different animal and bird species. Before travelling to this beautiful country, make a note of the following:
1. Australia is huge!
What else do you expect from a diverse country housing a continent in itself? It is the 6th largest country in the world by land area. Most of the Australian population is seen to live along the coast as the climate in the interiors is not as friendly as the coastal region. It is not densely populated with population density figures at one of the lowest in the world. It is also known as the country which is down under, owing to its geographical location in the southern most section of the world, somewhere above the continent of Antarctica.
2. Prepare to get tanned
As you know, Australia is endowed with natural beauty and is surrounded by multiple beaches. But can you really wet your feet there? Not really. Not unless you have applied loads of sunscreen. The weather can be quite harsh if not taken care of. Apart from tanning, too much exposure can leave you vulnerable to skin cancer. We recommend you to stay indoors away from the scorching heat and schedule your wandering for the cooler parts of the day. 
3. The Kangaroo myth
Yes, this bewildering animal represents the country but they are not everywhere (as most TV shows or movies portray). To locate these lovely beings, you will have to venture into the wild areas of Australia. Quite seldom, they are also found in the countryside or suburbs. Who doesn’t know about the special appearances they make during international golf championships? Same thing goes with another adorable creature called Koala or Koala Bear. If you don’t manage to spot them in the wild then you can always visit places like the National Zoo in the capital city of Canberra.
4. The wild side of Australia.
Australia is filled with wildlife, quite literally. Apart from their native animals, you also get to see iguanas and possums, king-parrots, bats, raven and magpies, just to name a few. There are many other species which are found nowhere else, but here.  
5. Exotic weather.
Australia lies in the southern hemisphere. Which means summer over here is winter for people in the northern hemisphere. It is to be kept in mind that the northern hemisphere is the most populated half of the world and this upside-down phenomenon is not very commonly known. Apart from this fact, weather here is also unpredictable. When it rains, it does non-stop. When it’s dry, the spell remains dry for long. The best months to travel Australia are April, May, October and November as the weather is fairly pleasant.
6. Mind your accent.
Australians speak English, but they also have their own slang and accent which they are quite proud of. And why shouldn’t they be? The language has developed so much that it is is literally known as Australian English. Below is the list of certain famous Australian slang words with their common English counterpart:
ï Cuppa = A cup of tea/coffee
ï Macca’s = Mc Donald’s
ï Footy = Rugby
ï Choccy = Chocolate
Even the term ‘selfie’ was also originated from Australia! We bet you didn’t know that.
7. The expenses?
The fifth most traded currency, Australian dollar (AUD) is the integral part of the country with comparatively higher interest rates. Yes, let’s do some money talk. Australia is blessed with a powerful local dollar. This makes travelling and staying in Australia quite expensive for people coming from countries with weaker currencies. Food, accommodation and even drinking water come at a fairly high cost. With you can discover the best for less. It is the finest way to keep an eye on daily travel deals which can surely help you get your next holiday cheaper.
8. What’s brewing?
If you love coffee then Australia is your place. They love coffee unlike any other drink (apart from alcohol). So much that weekend gatherings are planned around coffee drinking! No doubt ‘cuppa’ is the most common Australian slang.
9. Do not tip!
We repeat. Do not tip. Tipping someone at a bar is regarded inappropriate! This is unlike anywhere else in the world. So unless you want to get yourself into trouble, we’ve already tipped you off! This has also lead to the customer service in Australia turning bad. 
10.  Diversity in culture.
Australia has two tribal cultures; namely the Aborigines and the Islanders (Torres Strait Islanders). They have existed in this territory much before Australia was first discovered.  They are known for many beautiful and jaw dropping cultural ceremonies. Make sure you get familiar with their livelihood and learn about their culture for a better insight. catch up with them and learn about their culture right from their tongues. Respecting culture, sharing experiences and unravelling the roots can always pave way for a better society and this is what Australia, a seemingly lonely planet, is built on. 
Respect for any culture must be shown in every new place you visit, regardless of the circumstance. This is what builds a peaceful society. This is what built Australian, the seemingly lonely country on this planet.

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