Do you ever get that restless feeling for change? Amidst the daily grind of work and chores and schedules, it’s easy to find a need for something new and exciting. For some, that means a vacation getaway to some faraway place. But for others, we might not be able to take the time off so we have to look to our daily surroundings to find the freshness we’re searching for. While you might think that you’re home is limited by the current decor styles you have going, have you ever thought about a themed bedroom? When we’d all rather be in Paris, it just makes sense to make our bedrooms into a Paris themed room. Now don’t go out and buy the biggest Eiffel Tower decal you can find. To really make your bedroom feel like you’ve jetted off on a Parisian adventure, you need to play it subtle. Here are 10 bedrooms that will make you feel like you’ve traveled to Paris with some tips that you can implement in your bedroom at home.

Let’s start with the overall feeling. To really embrace that French style, you need to tone your whole bedroom way down. Do away with the dramatic blues and passionate reds. All your decor should be in pastel shades and your furniture too if you can manage it. Talk about getting a breath of fresh air, just taking out those bright colors will make the whole bedroom feel new.

You know that ceiling fan in your bedroom? Time to swap it. To make your bedroom feel like it belongs in Paris, you absolutely must exchange that builder grade ceiling fan for a sparkly chandelier. Shop around to find the right size and shape for your bedroom and you’re on your way to the sweetest Parisian bedroom ever.

Now let’s flip our attention and talk about the floor. In a bedroom fit for Paris, you must have a patterned rug. Whether you have hardwood or carpet in your bedroom, laying a classically patterned rug in the center will give your room that sense of luxury which every Paris bedroom should have.

One of the most popular furniture options for French styling involves velvet. Basically, if you have a velvet option, pick that. It will make your luxurious bedroom into a regular paradise, but don’t forget to pay attention to the setting. So much of French furniture has wooden accents around the edges which will only help you achieve your goal more easily.

While we’re on the subject of furniture, let’s talk about the most important piece in your bedroom, the bed. In a Parisian bedroom, you’re probably going to find a voluptuous headboard, possibly velvet and always tufted. That tufting accent will usher you into the pattern play for the rest of the room.

Since our bedroom is being styled for Paris, you’ll probably stay away from the wrinkly linens of French Country for the most part. But that shouldn’t stop you from taking a tip from this bedroom’s accent wall. A wall covered in patterned wallpaper is a simple way to make the most of French patterns without buying all new bedding.

It’s quite clear that the French are not afraid of patterns. Even the close and cluttered ones. The red gingham reminds us of a table in some Paris cafe though we probably wouldn’t want that in our French bedroom. Instead, go for something floral. A duel toned quilt full of roses seems like the perfect pick for a bedroom full of French accents.

We definitely need to talk about those little accents that make a Parisian bedroom into a full and luxurious space. Firstly, curtains. You’ll find that many French bedrooms hold long curtains in velvet or silk that look amazing when puddled on the floor. If that sounds too expensive for your budget, consider making your own to save a little cash and still get those amazing French curtains.

While we’re draping fabric around the room, you’ll definitely want to consider adding a canopy over your French bed. If it happens to be over a window, that saves you one window treatment to buy or DIY. If not, it is still worth it to have that little extra bit of velvet or satin to shimmer above your head as you fall asleep.

If there is one thing the French know how to do, it’s relax and when you are finished giving your bedroom a makeover, you’ll want to do just that. Create a little reading nook in one corner of your bedroom with a chaise and a little table. Two simple things will provide a perfect escape for you to relax and pretend you are in Paris in the middle of a hectic week.

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