Travel Tips for First Time Travelers with Hey Nadine

Travel Tips for First Time Travelers with Hey Nadine

In this video we share numerous travel tips and advice for first time travelers to help you prevent making the same mistakes we have made over the years for both domestic and international travel. A special thanks to Nadine for sharing some great travel tips and advice. Be sure to check out her channel over at Hey Nadine:

1) Not contacting your bank or credit card company before going traveling resulting in your card being blocked
2) Booking your trip in the wrong order by starting out with small things and not booking big ticket items like flights and hotels first
3) Not packing proper footwear for outdoors activities, walking and formal occasions
4) Not researching how to get from the airport to your hotel
5) Not learning about tipping etiquette and culture and being confused when your bill comes at a restaurant
6) Not grabbing a business card from your hotel and forgetting how to get back
7) Not accurately accessing your fitness levels and doing too much on your trip
8) Underestimating distances and being surprised it takes longer to get there
9) Not having enough small change with only big bills that vendors cannot break
10) Not doing anything spontaneous and just following your guidebook
11) Buying souvenirs on day 1 and carrying them around the rest of your trip
12) Planning an itinerary which is too ambitious and busy
13) Not planning for laundry and packing too many clothes
14) Not getting travel insurance for your trip

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Travel Tips for First Time Travelers with Hey Nadine Video Transcript:

Welcome back to our channel. We have Nadine joining us from the channel Hey Nadine and if you’ve been watching travel content on YouTube you’ve probably seen her stuff because she has been making videos for a long time. She is our travel expert today. We’ve both been traveling for many years and that means we’ve made several mistakes along the way some of them sillier than others. So today we thought we would share 10 common mistakes that first time travelers make and how you can avoid them.

So first tip before you head out is to contact your bank and let them know your bank and your credit card because it could get blocked otherwise. Another mistake I would say is booking parts of your trip in the wrong order. Packing proper footwear and packing for multiple seasons and seasonally.

I’ve made this mistake several times & I don’t seem to learn. But often times I forget to look up how to get from the airport to my hotel.

Tipping. I another big rookie mistake when I’m in a country and I’m sitting down at a restaurants I didn’t look up the tipping etiquette of that country because it varies widely per country.

Another tip for me would be to always grab your hotels business card before you walk out of the door because if you’re a little distracted like I am you may start wandering around and not know how to get back.

Unrealistic expectations of your physical fitness.I think another mistake a lot of first time travelers make is underestimating distances between two places.

Small change. Small change especially in like a cash based place is always so important to have on you and the problem is that most ATMs give you the biggest bills.

Okay I think another common mistake is only doing what your guidebook says. Buying souvenirs on day 1 and carrying them around with you.

I think another very common travel mistake is planning an itinerary that is just way too busy.

Laundry. So if you’re going for a trip longer than a week chances are you’re going to be doing laundry.

And last but not least I feel like we should mention travel insurance because if you can afford to book a trip you can afford travel insurance.

I hope you enjoyed those travel tips for first time travelers so you don’t make the same mistakes we made. So thank you Nadine for coming over to our channel and sharing travel advice with us. Go check out her channel. She has some really cool travel videos and lots of very informational travel tips.

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